Research Assistant position in Xiaojie Yu Lab, School of Life Sciences
Research Assistant position in Xiaojie Yu Lab, School of Life Sciences

Category: Research Team

Department: SLS

Location: Yunqi, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time

Introduction of the Lab/ Research Field

We are the antibody engineering and cancer immunotherapy lab. Our current research is focused on the use of agonistic antibodies targeting immune costimulatory receptors such as CD40 and 4-1BB to treat cancer. Specifically, we employ (1) antibody engineering techniques to investigate the impact of epitope, isotype and affinity on antibody activity, (2) mouse tumor models to investigate the underlying mechanism of action of agonist antibodies and try to harness the mechanistic findings to improve existing therapies. (3) We are also interested in general antibody engineering approach to improve antibody-based cancer therapies including agonistic antibody therapy, immune checkpoint blockade therapy and direct-targeting antibody therapy.

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Job Description

Position: research assistant with molecular biology and protein expression training (1)


1) Help with purchasing lab consumables and equipment.

2) Help with molecular cloning, recombinant protein production and purification.

3) Learn new techniques with evolving lab needs.


1) Master of Science and abovedegree in Biochemistry or Immunology or other related disciplines.

2) At least 3 years of bench experience. Experience with antibody engineering preferred.

Compensation and Benefits

According to the relevant regulations of Westlake University and the applicant's working ability, the laboratory will provide competitive salary and research conditions. Employees can enjoy social insurances, housing provident funds, and related benefits of Westlake University.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and supporting materials in English in PDF format to, and indicate “Research Assistant Application + Name”.