Post-doc position in molecular evolution and protein engineering, School of Life Sciences

Category: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: SLS

Location: Yunqi, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time

Introduction of The Lab/ Research Field

Dr. Jia Zheng will join Westlake University as an assistant professor in fall 2021. His group focuses primarily on protein evolution and protein engineering and is also broadly interested in addressing fundamental questions in evolutionary biology. Specifically, we combine experimental evolution with high-throughput phenotyping and genotyping to study how proteins evolve. We use bioinformatics, biochemical and biophysical approaches to reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms. Based on deciphering protein evolution, we also work on developing new strategies to engineer robust proteins that can meet industry requirements and serve as building blocks for synthetic biology.

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Job Description

1. Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (3)

2. Requirements:

1) Strong experience in molecular biology techniques. You are especially encouraged to apply for this position if you have research experience in evolutionary biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, protein engineering, biochemistry, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, or related areas.

2) Highly motivated to conduct research independently; Good communication skills and teamwork spirit; Excellent speaking and writing skills in English.

3) Experience in a programming language (e.g. Python, R), NGS/SMRT sequencing data analysis or FACS is a plus.

3. Other requirements:

1) Have obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree, aged under 35.

2) Have at least one first-authored high-profile paper.

Compensation and Benefits

The research team offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate's qualifications and experience. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.

For post-doc(s) who are selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Advanced Programs of Zhejiang Province will be entitled to receive the same amount funds from the Hangzhou government.

For post-doc(s) who are full-time work in Hangzhou after completing their post-doc research will be eligible for applying allowance of 400,000RMB from the Hangzhou government.

Researchers in the lab are free to develop their own projects in evolutionary biology and protein engineering. We will help each member develop her/his career plan based on research interests.

How to Apply

To apply, please send the following documents in English as PDF files to, and indicate the Post-doc application in the email subject.

1) CV

2) 2 reference letters as well as your referees' contact information

3) Doctoral Degree Certificate