Post-doc position in Westlake Intelligent Biomarker Discovery Lab, Westlake Intelligent Biomedical Labs

Category: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: N/A

Location: Yunqi, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time

Introduction of The Westlake Intelligent Biomarker Discovery Lab / Research Field

Biomarkers are critical for the diagnosis and therapeutics of diseases. Effective development of biomarkers relies on multi-disciplinary research including but not limited to biology, analytical chemistry, clinical medicine, clinical pharmacology and computer sciences. The iMarker lab aims to build up such a platform promoting the discovery and validation of intelligent biomarkers. In the initiation phase, the lab will focus on multiomics analysis of specimens of clinical cohorts and epidemiological studies, building up a comprehensive molecular database, and developing customized computational algorithms for the thus generated big data. The ultimate goal is to develop and validate intelligent biomarkers for precision medicine. 

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Job Description

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (3)


1) Have strong capability of analysis, communication and writing

2) Be able to communicate with foreigners fluently

Other requirements:

1) Have obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree, aged under 35

2) Specialty or research area: proteomics and metabolomics; gut shot-gun metagenome; analytical chemistry; bioinformatics; cancer biology; data science; AI

3) Finish other jobs assigned by PI

Compensation and Benefits

The research team offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.

For post-doc(s) who selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Advanced Programs of Zhejiang Province will be entitled to receive the same amount funds from the Hangzhou government.

For post-doc(s) who full-time work in Hangzhou after completing their post-doc research will be eligible for applying allowance of 400,000RMB from the Hangzhou government.

How to Apply

To apply, please send the following documents in English as PDF files to, and indicate the Post-doc application in the email subject.

1) CV

2) 2 reference letters

3) Doctoral Degree Certificate