Research Assistant Professor Position in CenBRAIN Lab, School of Engineering

Category: Research Team

Department: SE

Location: Yunqi, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time

1. Introduction about the CenBRAIN Lab

The ‘Cutting-Edge Net of Biomedical Research and Innovation’ ( (CenBRAIN) Lab was founded by Mohamad Sawan, Chair Professor, on January 2019 to lead research activities intended to design, implement and validate smart medical devices such as sensors and actuators with focus on understanding and introducing solutions to neurodegenerative diseases. CenBRAIN is closely linked to the Polystim Neurotech Lab of Polytechnique Montreal launched several years earlier by Prof. Sawan.

2. Job Openings for Research Assistant Professor

Projects: Wearable closed-loop systems for brain-machine interfaces

Job description: Design, Implementation and Tests of (any 2 of 4 following experiences):

1. Low-power Low-voltage Analog and Mixed-signal Circuits;

2. High-voltage Analog and Mixed-signal Circuits;

3. Brain-imaging Interfaces;

4. System-in-Package Devices and Flexible Electronic Boards.


1. PhD degree in Electrical Engineering;

2. Familiar with Cadence Design Tools and PCB Design Software;

3. Experience in Designing Analog (Both Low and High voltages) and Mixed Signal Circuits;

4. Experience in developingsystem-level instruments including wireless links;

5. Have a strong ability of teamwork, and Skilled in English communication.

3. Compensation and Benefits

Candidateswill receive internationally competitive salary, and other benefits. CenBRAIN in Westlake University provides excellent shared equipment facilities and research support.

4. How to Apply

Please submit your application as a complete package, in English, in one single PDF file, including the following 3 documents:

·Cover Letter (1 page)

·Research Statement (1 page)

·Up-to-date CV with Google Scholar profile link, and the list of 3 representative papers (5 pages maximum)

Please send your application to Ms. Yitian Zhang at the following Email address:

For excellent applicants, we will co-ordinate the scheduling of interview at a convenient time. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt until the positions are filled.