Teaching Faculty Positions in Mathematics

Category: Teaching Faculty


Location: Yungu, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time

Westlake University is a new type of non-profit research-oriented university in the People's Republic of China, supported by public and private funding. At Westlake, we strive for excellence in advanced research and nourish talented change-makers while remaining small and refined to ensure research and education quality.

Our three schools, School of Life Sciences, School of Science, and School of Engineering, focus on selected natural and life sciences and engineering disciplines, emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to cultivate generations of talent that dare to step into the unknown and are willing to take social responsibility.

Westlake University is currently accepting multiple applications from high-level talent for teaching faculty positions in Mathematics to expand the university's professional teaching force further, establish a high-level teaching system aligned with the university's mission and goals, and provide students with firm learning guidance and support. The specific job responsibilities and application requirements are as follows:

Teaching Faculty Positions in Mathematics

Number of recruits:4


1. Develop global-standard curricula and courses in mathematics.

2. Teach introductory math courses to non-math major undergraduate students (in English).

3. Design and teach elective math courses to doctoral and senior undergraduate students majoring in Physics and Engineering (in English).

4. Enhance student motivation and interest in mathematics.

5. Support students’ learning and provide individualized assistance; ensure sufficient office hours to assist students in regular consultation; provide training and guidance to teaching assistants.

6. Organize and participate in other math teaching-related activities on campus.


1. Possess or acquire a strong familiarity with Westlake University; strong professional ethics and sense of dedication in teaching which aligns with Westlake University’s missions and goals. Passionate about teaching mathematics with extensive theoretical and practical experience at the university level.

2. Ph.D. degree in Mathematics or a closely related field obtained from a leading Chinese or international university.

3. Experienced in teaching introductory mathematics (in English) at leading universities at home or abroad, in courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, and Statistics. Candidates with experience in teaching Probability Theory and Statistics are preferred. Experience in teaching courses such as Differential Equation (ODE and PDE), Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Physics Methods, Stochastic Process, Numerical Analysis, or Abstract Algebra is a plus.

4. Strong communication, writing, and interpersonal skills.


Westlake University offers an internationally competitive salary, an attractive benefits package, and comprehensive insurance coverage.


To apply, please send the following documents in English as a single PDF file to teaching_faculty@westlake.edu.cn:

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Teaching statement describing your teaching philosophy

4. Course description and syllabus for a proposed introductory undergraduate course

5. A list of at least three professional references with complete contact information

Please indicate “Position Name-Applicant’s Name-Information Source” in the email subject lines and the CV attachment title.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. Outstanding short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews. Interviews will continue until all positions are filled.

Westlake University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and countries.


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