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Hongjun Shi, Ph. D.

Founder of Vito (Hangzhou) Diagnostics Co., Ltd

Head of Cardiac Development Laboratory, School of Life Sciences, Westlake University

·  PhD in Pathology, University of Otago

·  Post-Doctorial Scientist, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, University of New South Wales

·  Interested in the study of molecular mechanisms regulating cardiogenesis and development of novel

   diagnostic tools for birth defects


Vito Diagnostics

Vito Diagnostics is an innovative company specialized in development of new diagnostic tools in maternal-fetal medicine. We are currently translating our cutting-edge LS-MS/MS based red blood cells vitamin tests – Complete Folate-function Test (CFT), into clinical diagnosis. Our other revolutionary products down the developmental line include the next generation non-invasive prenatal screening tests, and the novel molecular diagnosis tests for rare diseases such as congenital heart diseases. 

Vito Diagnostics
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Technological platform

LC-MS/MS, a highly accurate and sensitive technology to quantify both small and macromolecules in clinical specimen

Core products

LC-MS/MS-based test of red blood cells folate-associated B vitamins – Complete Folate-function Test (CFT)

Novel prenatal screening tests for birth defects

Genetic diagnosis of rare diseases

Core team members

High calibre research staff with expertise in clinical mass spectrometry, genetic diagnosis, genome analysis, and medical laboratory science.

Post code
No 298, Zhenhua Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang