INNOVATION Technology Promotion

Westlake University participated in the 2021 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week

From October 19th to 25th, as a representation of demonstrative universities, Westlake University participated in the 2021 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week to share the exploration and innovation of new research universities in the technology transfer mechanism.

During the activity week, Professor Wang Tingliang, Associate Vice President of Westlake University, shared a report on "Exploring the Technology Transfer Mechanism of New Research Universities" during the "Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Seminar".

Professor Wang Tingliang stated that as a new type of non-profit research-oriented university supported by public and private funding, Westlake University attempts to explore the "Westlake Double-Helix Technology Transfer Model" that integrates resources in all fields under the innovative university administrative system. The whole process covers comprehensive services, continuous innovation of empowering platforms, linkage of industrial fund investment, and precise connection between the upper and lower parts of the industrial chain, etc., to cultivate technology transfer projects in a comprehensive, multi-angle and multi-dimensional manner.

For more than a year, Westlake University has gradually formed a systematic working mechanism based on talent guidance, technological innovation, service empowerment, and resource integration. It has implemented more than ten projects in fields covering biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and new energy. In the future, the cutting-edge basic research breakthroughs that sustainably produced will be rapidly, accurately, and effectively implemented to better realize the implementation of industrial transformation and application. Westlake University will cultivate a group of core technology start-ups with international competitiveness, and further promote the society's technological innovation and power.