RESEARCH Collaboration



Westlake University launches partnership with the University of Nottingham

On 22 July,Westlake University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the University of Nottingham, to strengthen ties between the two institutions in academic and research cooperation.

Westlake University and Duke Kunshan University Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

Westlake University and Duke Kunshan University (DKU) are both new research universities in China and not just geographically close. They share common values of tolerance and openness, and are dedicated to create a truly international teaching and research environment to meet future challenges and opportunities.

Westlake University partners with Shanghai Ocean University to explore the future of the blue

On 27 October, 2018, Westlake University signed an official collaboration agreement with Shanghai Ocean University to launch cooperation in research, team-building and talent nourishment in advanced deep-sea science and technology. To this end, the Hadal Science and Technology Research Center will be established to accelerate the development of the Rainbow Fish manned submersible and relevant hadal science and technology mobility laboratory projects.

Westlake University signs collaboration framework agreement with Lanzhou University

On the afternoon of 26 April 2019, Yigong Shi, the president of Westlake University held an important meeting with three senior officials on the West Chengguan Campus of Lanzhou University. Also, at that meeting were Zhanting YUAN, the secretary-general of Lanzhou University Council, Chunhua YAN, the president of Lanzhou University and Guosheng WU, the deputy secretary-general of Lanzhou University Council. The result of that meeting was the first collaboration agreement signed with a world-class university in China since the founding of Westlake University in 2016.


Westlake University to establish a joint research institute with Bright Dream Robotics

A joint research institute co-founded by Westlake University and Bright Dream Robotics was formally inaugurated on November 16, which remarks a major step forward in the research of smart robotics. The joint research institute consists of two campuses, which are located respectively in Shunde, a city China’s southeast Guangdong Province, and Hangzhou, a city of China’s east Zhejiang Province. The inaugural ceremonies were held concurrently at both campuses.