Westlake University signs collaboration framework agreement with Lanzhou University

On the afternoon of 26 April 2019, Yigong Shi, the president of Westlake University held an important meeting with three senior officials on the West Chengguan Campus of Lanzhou University. Also, at that meeting were Zhanting YUAN, the secretary-general of Lanzhou University Council, Chunhua YAN, the president of Lanzhou University and Guosheng WU, the deputy secretary-general of Lanzhou University Council. The result of that meeting was the first collaboration agreement signed with a world-class university in China since the founding of Westlake University in 2016.

According to the agreement, the two sides will establish a collaborative partnership based on the principals of complementarity, resource-sharing and win-win cooperation. Both sides will explore paths in the reform and innovation of education and research mechanisms, strengthen the organizational leadership of collaboration, establish a consultation mechanism for inter-university cooperation, improve joint talent nourishment and launch inter-university and interdisciplinary cooperation in areas of common interest. The two universities will also collaboratively conduct fundamental research and make breakthroughs in key technologies in advanced disciplines, foster communication and cooperation in team building, increase information connectivity and resource-sharing, actively expand high-level external human resources and maintain the sound order of the team-building landscape.