Liang GAO, Ph.D.

School of Life Sciences

Principle Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Westlake University.




Liang GAO, Ph.D.

School of Life Sciences

Principle Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Westlake University.




“We appreciate the privilege granted to us in the Westlake University to develop advanced tools and technologies to facilitate fundamental life science researches and to reveal the beauty of nature. Our mission is to honor the support with our best research efforts.”


Liang  GAO received his B.S. and M.S. degree from the Tsinghua University in 2000 and  2003. He received his Ph.D. degree with Dr. R. Graham Cooks from the Purdue  University in 2009. He did his postdoctoral research with Dr. Eric Betzig in the  Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute from 2010 to  2013. He was an assistant professor in the State University of New York at Stony  Brook from 2014 to 2016 and a lead research scientist in the Intelligent Imaging  Innovations, Inc. from 2017 to 2018 before he joined the Westlake University as  an associate professor in 2019.



Research Interests 

Our current research is focused on  the development of novel fluorescence imaging techniques and quantitative image  analysis methods, in order to image  biological processes at high spatial and temporal resolution and understand  biological behaviors and structures quantitatively. We are specifically  interested in the following research directions at this  moment.

1. Quantitative understanding of cell  behaviors in multicellular environments using c. elegans embryos, zebrafish embryos and  mouse embryos as animal models.

2. High resolution, high throughput 3D  imaging and interpretation of tissue structures.

3. High throughput, quantitative  analysis of large size biomedical 3D images.


Research Highlights  

Commercial Microscopes use our  technology

· Nuohai Life Science, LS18 light  sheet microscope.

· Intelligent Imaging Innovations,  Inc., Cleared Tiling Lightsheet microscope.




Nature Methods, “Tunable light sheet  microscopy”, 2016, 6

An  editor review about the tiling light sheet selective plane illumination  microscopy (TLS-SPIM, patented) developed in my lab at the Stony Brook  University. It is an effective light sheet microscopy technique enables low  invasive 3D fluorescence imaging of multicellular specimens at high spatial and  temporal resolution. The technique is under commercialization by multiple  companies.



Nature Methods, “Bessel beams beyond  the limit”, 2013, 10

An  editor review on the Bessel beam structured illumination microscopy technique I  developed with Dr. Eric Betzig in the Janelia Research Campus of HHMI during my  postdoctoral research. It is the first light sheet microscopy technique that  allows high speed, live 3D fluorescence imaging beyond the diffraction  limit.

Nature Methods, “Imaging life with  thin sheets of light”, 2012, 9(1).

Nature, “Seeing cells with sheets of  light”, 2011, 471, 268.

Nature Biotechnology, “Bessel beams  for light relief”, 2011, 29(4).

BBC News, “Light sheets image life  in 3D”, 03/07/2011.

HHMI News, “New microscope produces  dazzling 3D movies of live cells”, March 04, 2011.

Editor  reviews and news reports on the Bessel beam plane illumination microscopy  technique I worked on with Dr. Planchon Thomas and Dr. Eric Betzig in the  Janelia Research Campus of HHMI during my postdoctoral research. It is the first  light sheet microscopy technique that allows low invasive, high speed 3D  fluorescence imaging of biological processes at submicron isotropic 3D spatial  resolution.



DPAI used in the ExoMars rover  “ROSALIND FRANKLIN”

Our  invention, the discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface (DAPI), was used in  the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) of the latest ExoMars rover, “ROSALIND  FRANKLIN”, to introduce ions from the Mars atmosphere to the mass analyzer  vacuum chamber. The rover will be sent to the Mars in July 2020. (


Chemical & Engineering News /  Science & Technology / Concentrates, “Interface boosts MS performance”, May  19, 2008, 86(20), 39-40.

A news  report about a discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface (DAPI, patented) I  invented in the Purdue University during my Ph.D. study. It allows efficient ion  introduction from atmospheric pressure environments to high vacuum environments  with very limited pumping capacities.


Representative Publications 

1. Li, X.L., Zhang, D.D.,  Wang, C.H., Li, X.Z., Lai, M.J., Weng, Y., Feng, R.L., Zhang, X.Y.S., Chen,  Y.L., Wang, D.Y., Nie, R., Yang, X., Chen, Y.Y., Chen, B.C., Feng, Y., Zhou, B.,  Cai, S., * Jia, J.M.,* Gao, L.,* (2019) “A versatile tiling light sheet  microscope for cleared tissue imaging”, BioRxiv. doi: (*Co Corresponding Author)

2. Fu, Q., Martin, B.,  Matus, D., Gao, L. (2016) “Imaging  multicellular specimens with real-time optimized tiling light sheet selective  plane illumination microscopy”, Nature Communications,  7:11088.

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1. Gao,  L. (2019) “Method  and apparatus for tiling light sheet selective plane illumination microscopy  with real time optimized light sheet”, US Patent granted  (US10222600B2)

2. Gao, L. and Chen, B.-C. “A method to tile  lattice light sheets in lattice light sheet microscopes” China Patent granted (Patent  Number:201910666767.0)

3. Ouyang, Z., Gao, L. Cooks, R.G., (2007)  “Discontinuous Atmospheric Pressure Interface”, US Patent granted (US 8304718  B2)


We  have research positions at different levels. We welcome inquiries from anyone in  the biological and physical sciences interested in predoctoral, postdoctoral and  research scientist positions involving the development of new bioimaging, image  analysis technologies and their applications. Creativity, dedication, and the  ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary research group are  expected for all applicants. Experience in optical technology and cell biology,  developmental biology and neurobiology is desired but not essential. Please  email Dr. Liang Gao at for  the detailed information.



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