Westlake University implements a system headed by University President under the guidance of the Board of Trustees.

As the governance body of the University, the Board of Trustees makes decisions on major issues of the university. On April 16, 2018, the Founding Board of Trustees was established for a term of four years. On April 17, 2022, the Second Term of the Board of Trustees was elected. Chen-Ning YANG, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Honorary Chair of the Board. Yingyi QIAN, the 4th Dean of the School of Economics and Management and Distinguished Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, serves as the Chair of the Board, whereas Yinglin QIN, Chair of Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd., serves as the Vice Chair of the Board.


The Board of Supervisors shall inspect and supervise the University’s finance, personnel, teaching and other management matters, and rectify any misconduct that may violate laws or regulations or undermine the interests of the University. The chair of the Board of Supervisors is Wei ZHAO, and members are Enzheng SHI and Xingxing ZHOU.


The administrative team, headed by Yigong SHI, the President of the University, is responsible for implementing the decisions by the Board of Trustees and making its own decisions on everyday operations of the university.


The University Council, a statutory body stipulated by the Law on the Promotion of Private Education and relevant regulations, communicates university and political interests, and leads the University Union, the League of the Youth, Student Union, Association of Overseas Chinese and other non-governmental organizations. Qingyuan DONG is the Chairperson of the University Council, assisted by Youyou SUN, the Vice Chairperson of the University Council, and Wenzhu YANG, the Chair of the Committee for Discipline Inspection.


The Advisory Board, an advisory body for the strategic development and major decision-making, consists of prominent scholars from academic and education management. The Board is headed by Qide HAN, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Vice President of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.


The Westlake University Academic Committee is the highest academic authority of the university and is responsible for the decision-making, reviewing, evaluation and consultation related to the academic affairs of the university in line with relevant laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China. The Committee is established for the purpose of ensuring the scientific, democratic and authoritative decision-making on the major issues concerning scientific research. There are currently 9 members of the Academic Committee, with Professor Li DENG serving as the Chair and Professor Weicheng CUI serving as the Vice-Chair.