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Rules & Regulations

According to the Charter, the Board of Trustees shall consist of at least 15 and not more than 30 members. The Board shall have a Chair, a Vice Chair, and several Trustees. One-third of the Trustees shall have more than five years of teaching experience at higher education institutions.

The Ex Officio Trustees

The University President; one of the chief leaders of the university’s Party organizations; a Sponsor representative; a representative recommended by the local government according to contexts; three to five representatives recommended by the university’s Advisory Board; a faculty representative and a staff representative elected by the university’s faculty and staff respectively

The Elected Trustees

Representatives recommended by the Westlake Education Foundation, who shall take no less than one-third of the total placements on the Board and who shall be representatives of the business or other sectors of society to play significant roles for the university’s development; and a student representative, elected by students

Membership of the Board of Trustees is discussed and decided through the following procedures:

(I) Ex Officio Trustees: gain membership through their positions or elections respectively

(II) Elected Trustees: student representatives shall be confirmed and approved by the Board of Trustees after student election; nominations by the Westlake Education Foundation shall be subject to a confirmation vote by the Board of Trustees; if nominees fail to get enough votes by the Board of Trustees, the Westlake Education Foundation may renew the nominations based on available quotas.

(III) The Westlake University Organizing Committee is a body approved by the Westlake Education Foundation and engaged in preparatory work for establishing the university. The first elected Trustees shall be nominated by the Westlake University Organizing Committee and approved by the Westlake Education Foundation.

Chair and Vice Chair of the Founding Board of Trustees shall be nominated by the Organizing Committee of Westlake University, and approved by the Westlake Education Foundation. From the second Board on, the Chair and the Vice Chair shall be nominated by the Westlake Education Foundation and elected by more than two-thirds of votes from the Board members. The University President shall not serve as Chair of the Board.

The Chair, Vice Chair and the Trustees shall be elected for a term of four years. Trustees may be re-elected and serve for consecutive terms. In the event that a Trustee resigns, a successor shall be chosen through the same process as the resigning trustee within three months. The successor shall serve for the remaining term until the next election.