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Professor Weihong Tan speaking at Westlake Master Forum

Chengchen Guo, Ivan Song, School of Engineering
21, 2021

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On July 5th, the 100th Westlake Master Forum, the Westlake School of Engineering invited guest speaker Prof. Weihong Tan. Prof. Tan is currently an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the World Academy of Sciences in Developing Countries, and Member of the European Academy of Science.

Prof. Tan is the Director of the Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Zhejiang Cancer Hospital). Tan served as a University Distinguished Professor and a V.T. and Louis Jackson Professor at the University of Florida for more than 24 years. Over the years he has devoted himself to the frontier research and clinical application of bioanalytical chemistry, chemical biology and molecular medicine, especially in the field of nucleic acid aptamers. The content of this seminar is closely related to molecular medicine.

During the economic reform, China’s civil health was one of the main concerns. But China’s foundation in medical research and new drug development were still far behind that of Europe and America. In response, Prof. Tan proposed the use of molecular medicine to improve national health benefits.

Prof. Tan thinks that the human body works like a sophisticated molecular machine. Therefore, molecular medicine is the future direction of medical science since it allows us to understand the mechanism of disease development at molecular level. With molecular medicine, early diagnosis and prevention can be achieved, and provide therapeutical guidance. Prof. Tan also pointed out that the molecular medicine has played a critical role in COVID-19 diagnosis and vaccine development during the pandemic. As a pioneer in the field of aptamer-drug conjugate, Prof. Tan discussed in detail about the achievements his team has made on aptamer research. He also chatted with audiences and shared his experience and philosophy in conducting high-impact research. Prof. Tan has always been committed to improving the quality of clinical research in China and promoting the development of molecular medicine and basic medical research. He hopes that Westlake University will remember its mission and continue conducting high-quality fundamental scientific research.

After the lecture, Prof. Tan met with the professors and students of Westlake University’s School of Engineering. Everyone took the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Prof. Tan.

Xinyu Huang (Feng Ju’s Lab, PhD Student)

"From the seminar to the subsequent coffee break afterwards, I was surprised by Prof. Tan’s humor. In my minds, renown scientists are “all about the research”. Never would I have thought there would be so much humor. Not only did Prof. Tan obtained great achievements in molecular medicine, but he also has an interest in material science. During the exchange, Prof. Tan gave each one of us different suggestions regarding our pathway and future life choices.”

Xin Yu (Chengchen Guo’s Laboratory, Post-doctorate fellow)

“I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to talk with Prof.Tan. The first impression that Prof. Tan gave me was respectful. He was easy to talk to and was extremely humble. During our conversation, Prof. Tan talked about his team and how they proposed a series of new principles and methods for nucleic acid chemistry and its biomedical applications. This session gave me a great amount of inspiration. In my future research I will place innovation and originality first so that I can someday achieve “from 0 to 1” kind of breakthroughs. ”

Heshan Qi (Kai Liu’s Laboratory, PhD Student)

“The exchange with Prof. Tan was extremely humorous. When constructing biomedical models at a molecular level, Prof.Tan’s model was astonishing. After seeing his construction of the model, it left me speechless. Prof. Tan believes in the “free will” of research. New ideas and innovations come from critical thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation. Prof. Tan gave me much motivation and inspiration. ”

Prof. Tan’s Message to Westlake University:

“With the current reputation and talents here at Westlake, I hope that Westlake University will become the beacon for China’s educational development.”