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Short-term Programs

Summer Camp

The School of Science holds summer camp every summer. The summer camp offers about 100 vacancies to students. The main activities include academic lectures, face-to-face talk with chair professors, close interaction with PIs, meeting with current doctoral students, lab and research platform tours, the experience share of studying and living in Hangzhou, and the selection of outstanding participants. At the end of the summer camp, participants will receive a completion certificate from the School of Science. Those who get recognized as outstanding participants will receive the Certificate of Excellence.

Summer research internship

Each summer, the laboratories of School of Science will be open to the public for internships. The internship period is usually from July to August (a total of 4 weeks).

During the internship, students can participate in the internship in the selected laboratory, the specific internship plan will be set by each laboratory's PI and students.

In addition to completing the internship program, interns can also participate in all activities such as "WeMeet", "WeSalon", Westlake Master Forum, Chemistry and Physics Colloquiums, Happy Hour and so on to deepen the understanding of school development, discipline construction, scientific research progress, campus culture and other aspects.

Visiting student

The research groups of School of Science will accept applications of visiting students and provide them with a certain living guarantee during the visit. Visiting students are required to conduct research in the research group under the premise of complying with the relevant regulations of the university and the school.