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About Chemistry

To learn more about the Department of Chemistry's research and educational programs, please visit its website at chem.westlake.edu.cn.

Chemistry is the study of change that occurs in our daily life, on the earth and in the universe. Hence, Chemistry is in the center of all human knowledge and studies, commonly recognized as the Central Science. This role renders Chemistry the foundation of all knowledge that we know about nature and bridging with strong connections to almost all branches of physical sciences, biology, medicine, materials and engineering. Since its establishment, modern chemistry has enabled the understanding, prediction and manipulation of the structure, properties, and function of matter at the atomic and molecular level. As a central discipline, Chemists is also an extensive, active and collaborative scientific community with high professional standards.

Westlake Chemistry aspires to establish excellence in the chemical sciences and build the interdisciplinary connections to other branches of physical science, medicine, engineering and materials. This goal is achieved through a group of vibrant and motivated scientists who are current or future leaders in academia, research, education, industry, government, and other related careers. Westlake Chemistry covers a variety of active research areas including organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, theoretical, biochemical and material chemistry, as well as interdisciplinary research areas such as chemical physics and chemical biology. We promote a free environment of scientific pursuit, extensive exchange of ideas, out-of-box creativity in research, academic integrity, and a collegial environment for all students, postdoc, staff and faculty. Beyond contributing to chemical sciences, Westlake Chemistry is also dedicated to addressing of the most pressing challenges of the nation and the world.   

Students majoring or minoring in chemistry at Westlake will be equipped with solid foundation of knowledge and skills in pursuing successful professional careers, discovering new knowledge and making technological innovations in cross-disciplines, finding satisfactions in life, and in taking responsibilities for the services to the society. We offer an innovative and comprehensive curriculum to help students succeed in the chemical industry, academic, medicine, education and other career options.

The undergraduate Chemistry degree requirements at Westlake are designed to offer students both the art of chemical experimentation and the conceptual framework with intellectual rigor. The core courses are organized around the major subdisciplines of Chemistry, supported by required Mathematics and Physics courses. Senior students are provided with upper-level courses chosen from a broad, diverse set of elective courses, which are designed to help students explore their interests and apply chemical knowledge in related scientific disciplines. Chemistry majors also have access to world-class facilities to receive training via a research-centric laboratory curriculum. Finally, faculty members at Westlake Chemistry are committed to creating an accommodative and strong training environment for undergraduate research.

The graduate program in Chemistry at Westlake provides broad research and educational training opportunities across the chemical sciences and related fields at the cutting edge. The aim of the graduate program is to train future scholars across the chemical science disciplines as professional teachers and researchers at the highest level. Each graduate student is generally provided with teaching or research assistant fellowship during the courses of their graduate training. In addition to the direction and support by the mentor on the thesis research of each graduate student, excellent mentoring assistances and sufficient financial support at the department and school levels is provided on the need basis. The graduate program at Westlake confers mainly a Doctor degree, and a Master's degree on special occasions.