LAB SHOW 16, 2022

Reversible Structural Isomerization of Nature’s Water Oxidation Catalyst Prior to O–O Bond Formation

ACADEMICS 10, 2022

Global Atlas of Aromatic Natural Products in Microbes Revealed


The Scientific Research Achievement of Hang Shi's Team Selected in the Annual Collections of Outstanding Work in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

ACADEMICS 30, 2021

Huaimin Wang’s Team Introduced Brake Pads to Control the Polymerization of Peptides in Living Cells

ACADEMICS 01, 2021

Physical Review Letters published latest research of Jian Li's research group on the discovery of an unprecedented vortex state that spontaneously breaks the continuous rotational symmetry in a Fermi superfluid with SOAMC

ACADEMICS 01, 2020

Xiao Lin's Team Published Paper on Nature Communications