Wei ZHU, Ph.D.

School of Science

Strongly-correlated and Topological Condensed Matter Group


Email: zhuwei@westlake.edu.cn


Wei ZHU, Ph.D.

School of Science

Strongly-correlated and Topological Condensed Matter Group


Email: zhuwei@westlake.edu.cn



Dr. Wei ZHU received his B.S. in applied physics (2007) and Ph.D. degree in physics (2012), both from University of Science and Technology of China. After getting his Ph. D. degree, he performed post-doctoral research at California State University Northridge, Princeton University and Los Alamos National Lab. In 2018 he joined Westlake University as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Wei Zhu was awarded Excellent Doctoral Student of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2010), President Award for PhD student of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2012), and Director’s Fellowship of Los Alamos National Lab (2016).

Research Interests

Dr. Zhu's research focuses on quantum mechanical aspects of condensed matter systems in the areas of strongly-correlated and mesoscopic physics, as seen by the entangled electrons or spins. The directions include many aspects of the theoretical condensed matter physics, with a particular focus on topology, fractionalization and correlations. The prospective goal of our research is to exploit state-of-the-art methods, to enable unbiased diagnosis of novel phases and criticalities, and to build effective theories from a microscopic viewpoint.


Selected Publication

1. W. Zhu, D. N. Sheng, and Kun Yang, Topological Interface between Pfaffian and Anti-Pfaffian Order in ν=5/2 Quantum Hall Effect,

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5. W. Zhu and D. N. Sheng, Disorder-driven transition in \nu=5/2 fractional quantum Hall effect

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6. W. Zhu, S. S. Gong, D. N. Sheng, Identifying spinon excitation from dynamic spin structure factor of S=1/2  Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the Kagome lattice.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 116, 5437 (2019)

7. W. Zhu, Xiao Chen, Yin-Chen He and William Witczak-Krempa, Entanglement signatures of emergent Dirac fermions: Kagome spin liquid and quantum criticality,

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Contact Info:

Email: zhuwei@westlake.edu.cn