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International Center for Polaritonics

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Director: Alexey Kavokin

The International Center for Polaritonics is designed as a world-leading research center that combines the expertise and resources of three major research groups: The Quantum Optoelectronics group headed by Dr. Pavlos Savvidis, the Carbyne Laboratory headed by Dr. Stella Kutrovskaya, and the Theory group headed by Professor Alexey Kavokin who also provides the overall leadership and strategic planning.

The Center will produce low-dimensional multilayer semiconductor structures for the research and applications in Polaritonics: the physics of strongly coupled light-matter systems. The crystal growth facilities will include the molecular beam epitaxy and chemical vapor deposition reactors as well as the laser ablation technology. The original semiconductor structures will be characterized by means of the ultrafast optical spectroscopy with high spatial resolution. The optical experiments will be performed at the liquid Helium temperature and in the presence of magnetic fields up to 7T. The anticipated results will include polariton lasing and superfluidity, polariton simulators, polariton based sources of non-classical light, polariton-induced superconductivity. The theoretical group will contribute to the design of new structures, modelling of their quantum optical properties, development of new device concepts. The theory-experiment cooperation will be conducted on an everyday basis with regular feedbacks from modelling to the experiment and vice-versa. The Center will serve as a platform for a wide-scale international cooperation. Every year it will host tens of scientists coming from the world-leading universities of the USA, EU, Russia and Asia. The Center will host international research meetings, conferences and schools.