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Research Facilities

Instrumentation and Service Center for Physical Sciences (ISCPS) (https://iscps.westlake.edu.cn/)

Initiated by the School of Science, the Instrumentation and Service Center for Physical Sciences (ISCPS) hosts state-of-the-art facilities not only to meet routine analysis needs, but also to collaborate with our faculty and researchers in developing novel instrumental technologies or methodologies that address problems emerging from dynamic, cutting-edge research. ISCPS has currently installed a series of instruments covering X-ray diffraction, surface physics analysis, cryogenic measurement, electron microscopy and physical property characterization, which together provide strong support for the development of Westlake University.

The Instrumentation and Service Center for Molecular Sciences (ISCMS) (https://iscms.westlake.edu.cn/)

The Instrumentation and Service Center for Molecular Sciences (ISCMS) is a shared-use core facility at Westlake University to provide a collaborative multi-disciplinary research environment to support of the creation and evolution of world-class molecular sciences and technical expertise, for the Westlake research community as well as the larger community of external researchers both from academia and industry. ISCMS is composed of four professional analytical laboratories: Spectroscopy Lab, Magnetic Resonance Lab, Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy Lab, In-situ Chemical Analysis Lab, focusing on the exploration of molecular structure, intra- and inter-molecular interactions and molecular dynamics. The characterization service covers organic and inorganic components and structures analysis, qualitative and quantitative measurements of drugs and polymers, determination of the structure of functional materials and the conformation of polypeptides and biomolecules, stability and dynamics analysis, metabolomics analysis of drugs or clinical markers, inspections of quality for water, food or drug, as well as detection of environmental pollutant etc. The focus of ISCMS technical team has been not only to serve a broad, diverse, international set of researchers who are focus on pioneering scientific innovations, but also to develop specialized methodologies, protocols, instrumentation, and expertise to help simulate, characterize, and analyze novel molecules, materials, and systems going beyond conventional approaches.