ADMISSIONS Financial Aid


Westlake University is committed to reducing financial barriers of students so they can focus on their academic goals. We provide financial support for our doctoral students to cover their tuition, on-campus room and board rates, insurance premiums, and other living costs. Grants are categorized according to their sources which include public funding, the University’s fund, and social endowment.

Government Grants

Full-time students with the nationality of the People's Republic of China are eligible for the state fellowship, academic scholarship, and national scholarships. Students from low-income backgrounds may also apply for the national student loans through the University and the government of their registered place of household.
For international students, various scholarships from the national or local government are available.

University Grants

The Westlake University Fellowship, sponsored by the University and the doctoral supervisors together, provides students the stipend and the remuneration for assistantships in teaching, administration, and research.

Social Grants

The social grants are sponsored by enterprises, non-profit organizations, and individuals. At present, the University features the merit-based Suwu Scholarship and the need-based Weixin Fellowship, and other donor-specific grants for schools.