Our faculty, researchers and students study, teach, and conduct research in and across two distinctive programs recognized as being the nation’s best. All academic divisions offer full-time graduate programs.


Zhejiang University – Westlake University Joint PhD Program

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a comprehensive research university based in Hangzhou, a picturesque city in eastern China. It is a highly reputable public university with worldwide recognition. Our joint doctoral program nourishes top innovative students and helps them to flourish for a fruitful and fulfilling cause.

Fudan University – Westlake University Joint PhD Program

Fudan University is a high-quality research university in Shanghai. The university has become a go-to option for many international students who embrace the university’s educational philosophy. Our joint doctoral program educates our students and supports their progress.


At Westlake, we welcome applicants from all around the world to study with us. Fairness, equality and integrity are at the heart of Westlake. This means that we review all applicants to the same standard, regardless of where they come from.

For more information, please refer to our essential suggestions, visa requirements, and university policies regarding international students.

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We have archived answers to some frequently asked questions for your reference. Please select your topic from the list below. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

What are the admission programs of Westlake University in 2020?

At present, Westlake University has two joint education programs with Fudan University and Zhejiang University respectively. The two universities and Westlake University have established a strategic partnership, and carried out in-depth cooperation in personnel  education together. The students of this program are enrolled in Fudan University / Zhejiang University. Those who have complete the academic requirements specified in the education plan and passed the Defense of Doctoral Thesis will be awarded the Doctoral diploma and the doctorate certificate from Fudan University / Zhejiang University.

How do I apply?

Please visit to register and fill in the application form, upload required digital application documents listed below and complete online application.

When is the application deadline for the program?

The enrollment plan for 2020 is divided into three rounds. First round (August 2019) would be aimed at the recommended undergraduates. In the second round (November 2019) and the third round (April 2020), all Bachelor or Master degree students graduating in 2020 and those who have held Bachelor's or Master's degree are welcome. The program will be selected based on "Application Assessment System” and all applicants need to log in the Westlake university enrollment system for registration and application, and upload the electronic version application documents to the system before the deadline. 

One important note: Students do not need to log in Fudan University or Zhejiang University enrollment system for registration. 

Further information can be found on the official website:

What is the most important characteristic of the applicant in the program?

The program focuses on the applicant's academic research interest and potential, paying attention to their innovative consciousness and innovative abilities. Meanwhile, Personal statements, recommendation letters, transcripts will also be considered in the program.

How much is tuition?

The tuition fee for domestic students for Joint Doctoral Programs is¥10000/year. Students pay the tuition fee to Fudan University/Zhejiang University. The tuition fee for international students will be published once it is confirmed.

How about the scholarship and treatment of doctoral students?

The doctoral student award system of joint education programs includes scholarships, subsistence allowances, Three assistants, and national student loan and hardship allowances. Westlake University provides excellent subsidies for doctoral students in China. However, the plans are individually adjusted and are announced to students only after enrolment. At the same time, all full-time doctoral students admitted by Westlake University are eligible to apply for the "Freshman scholarship”. The scholarship is divided into three levels: first prize (¥20000 / person), second prize (¥10000 / person) and third prize (¥5000 / person).

Is sufficient subsidies and research funding provided?

Westlake University provides sufficient scientific research funds for each laboratory, which are allocated by their tutors in principle.