ADMISSIONS International Students


We welcome international visiting students from all backgrounds. If you are interested in studying at Westlake University for a short period of time, please contact the faculty of your field of interest.



If you are an international student, you need a valid Chinese visa for the duration of your study at Westlake University. There are two visa types for study purposes (student visa), which are X1 (for a study period of more than 180 days) and X2 (for a study period of less than 180 days). For information on the visa application, please refer to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

l  When you are applying for a student visa, you need to bring the Admission Notice and JW202 Form issued by Westlake University together with other documents required by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your residential area.

l  Once you get the visa, please send a scanned copy of the Chinese visa page in your passport to the Office of International Affairs.


Westlake University Yunqi Campus is located in the south of Hangzhou (Campus Location). We recommend print out the correct Chinese address for your taxi driver:


Westlake University (Yunqi Campus)

18 Shilongshan Road, Xihu District, Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang





There are two airports you may consider for your arrival:


1. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) 杭州萧山国际机场

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) is the closest airport to Westlake University. We recommend you book a flight to HGH as your final destination. If you have not visited Hangzhou before, taking a taxi from HGH to Yunqi Campus, Westlake University is the most convenient option. It takes about one hour by taxi and costs about 150 RMB.


2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) 上海浦东国际机场

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located about 30 kilometers east of the city center of Shanghai and 230 kilometers from Westlake University. You can take a shuttle bus to Hangzhou which takes at least three hours. The station can be found on the 2nd Floor between T1 and T2. Please follow the signs with “长途汽车 Coach”. It takes another 45-60 minutes from the bus stop Hangzhou Wulinmen Station (杭州武林门) to the Yunqi Campus of Westlake University by taxi. 


Police Registration

The Public Security Bureau requires all foreigners to register with the local police station within 24 hours after your arrival at your accommodation. If you live on campus, please find the Office of Logistics and Support (Building 5, Room 205-206). If you stay in a hotel, the hotel staff will do the registration for you. If you live off campus, you need to go to the police station responsible for your residential area to register. Your passport and a rental contract with the name and ID number of your landlord is required for police registration. For more assistance, you can contact the Office of Logistics and Support.

Residence Permit

X1 visa holders must apply for the residence permit at the local Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau within 30 days from the date of entry in China.


Required Documents for Residence Permit


1. Original passport, a copy of the personal information page and a copy of the visa page and entry stamp

2. The original and a copy of the Admission Notice

3. The original Health Certificate of the physical examination record for foreigners is required (Please refer to the next section “Health Certificate”)

4. The original record of police registration

5. Two 2-inch biometric photos with white background (We recommend taking the photos at the specified Healthcare Center or the Hangzhou Entry-Exit Administration of Public Security Bureau.)

6. The original yellow-sheeted JW202 which you will receive from the Office of International Affairs by handing in the white-sheeted JW202 for visa application

7. The Residence Permit Application Letter issued by the Office of International Affairs


Please bring the documents #1-4 to the Office of International Affairs to get the documents #6-7.




n  400RMB for a residence permit for half a year to less than one year

n  800RMB for a residence permit for one to less than three years

n  1000RMB for a residence permit for three years or more







We recommend you print out the Chinese address for your taxi driver or copy-paste it to your Didi app (equivalent of Uber):


The Hangzhou Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau, 2nd floor

169 Wujiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang





Office hours: Mon-Sun: 9:00-12:00, 13:30-17:00 (Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec)

                     Mon-Sun: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00 (Jul-Aug)

  Closed on national holidays

Health Certificate

Who needs it?


n  International students who will study at Westlake University for 90 days or more (required by the University): Please submit the original certificate to the Office of International Affairs.

n  International students who need to apply for a residence permit for 365 days or more (required by the Public Security Bureau): After confirmation by the Office of International Affairs, the original certificate shall be submitted to the Hangzhou Entry-Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau.


What to bring?


1. Original passport

2. Four 2-inch biometric photos with white background (We recommend taking the photos at the specified Healthcare Center.)

3. 430RMB (health check fee) + 10RMB (delivery fee for Hangzhou city addresses) in cash


Checkup Items


n  Physical examination: general check (BP, pulse, height, weight, etc.), external and internal check, ENT check, ECG, ultrasound check, and X-ray check

n  Clinical examination: routine blood test and additional immunological tests (HBsAg, HCV, HIV, TRUST, TPPA, TB), and urinalysis and biochemical tests



1. If you are required to complete the health check in your country when you apply for visa, the health check must be done in a hospital authorized by the local Chinese Embassy. In order to get an approved health certificate (also called Certificate of Verification), you need to bring the original medical report (e.g. lab test report, the original X-ray scans, doctor’s diagnoses with signatures, etc.) to the designated healthcare center in China after you have arrived at Westlake University. In this case, the fee will be reduced, but you may still be requested to go through the medical checks not covered by your previous medical checks.



1. You must not take in any water or food at least 8 hours before your health check.

2. For women: you may not take the medical examination during your menstruation.


Contact of the Healthcare Center


Zhejiang International Travel Healthcare Center, 1st floor

2 Wensan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang




Office hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00-11:00

Closed on official holidays


Phone:        +86-(0)571-8785 2410 / 8785 2407 / 8785 2408



All international students at Westlake University shall be covered by the insurance below for his/her whole study period.


Insurance company:   Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China (Beijing), Ltd.

Insurance agency:      Unichina International Insurance Brokers (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Insurance Region:      Mainland of China

Insurance Plan:          Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection (Plan II)


Insurance   Items

Insurance   Coverage

Liability for death or disability


Medical treatment for accidental injury


Outpatient and emergency medical insurance  


(With daily limit up to RMB 600, the   medical expenses exceeding the deductible RMB 650 will be reimbursed at 85%)

Hospitalization and medical insurance


Whole process medical management and

emergency medical rescue

24-hour telephone number for claim   consultation and reporting: 400-810-5119

Duration charge

1 Month: ¥160

2 Months: ¥240

3 Months: ¥320

4-6 Months: ¥400

7 Months: ¥560

8 Months: ¥640

9 Months: ¥720

10-12 Months: ¥800



1.  The Office of International Affairs will contact each student for the detailed processes of purchasing the insurance.

2.  If a higher coverage plan is needed, please contact the Office of International Affairs.



Office of International Affairs

Coordinator:                            Ms. Yuan ZHONG


Phone:                            +86 - (0)571 - 8659 9097

Office:                            Room 413, Building 5, Yunqi Campus

Office of Logistics and Support

Coordinator:                            Mr. Hai ZHU

Phone:                            +86 - (0)571 - 8811 9507

Office:                            Room 205, Building 5, Yunqi Campus