At Westlake, research and discovery go beyond labs and classrooms. There are plenty of words to describe our life on campus: fun, engaging, exciting, involving, inspiring ... But boring is never one of them! Come and meet with us to experience for yourself the campus energy.

We aim to offer comfortable and affordable housing and residence facilities to as many of our students, staff, faculty and visiting scholars as possible and ensure their safety and security while living on campus. On Yunqi campus, we have two apartment buildings ready in place to take in as many people as we can without the cost of livability. On Yungu campus, we will have more spacious housing and residence facilities dedicated to each community of people at Westlake, making students, faculty members, staff and visitors feel at home and at ease.


At Westlake, passion is at the heart of all our innovative breakthroughs. To foster passion, we encourage you to participate in some of the numerous hobby groups, clubs and societies, and extracurricular activities.


Congrats to the Westlake Running Club! You deserve a great victory feast tonight! #Hangzhou Marathon #Let's run

#Music #A Chinese traditional music concert for the Mid-autumn Festival at Building 5. The Mid-Summer Music Festival organized by the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Music Society of Westlake University presented a music show across various genres.

East or West, Westlake Musical Club embraces all kinds of music. Enjoy our freestyle!

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    • Bldg. 7-1F-105 Logistics Service Center: 0571-85023098 (8:30~17:30)

    • Bldg. 5-2F Logistics Service Desk: 0571-87983370 (8:30~17:30)

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Westlake University Yunqi Campus is located in the south of Hangzhou (Campus Location). We recommend print out the correct Chinese address for your taxi driver:

Westlake University
 18 Shilongshan Road, Xihu District, Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

  •   There are two airports you may consider for your arrival:

  •     1.     Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) is the closest airport to Westlake University. We recommend you book a flight to HGH as your final destination. If you have not visited Hangzhou before, taking a taxi from HGH to Yunqi Campus, Westlake University is the most convenient option. It takes about one hour by taxi and costs about 150 RMB.

  •   2.     Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) is located about 30 kilometers east of the city center of Shanghai and 230 kilometers from Westlake University. You can take a shuttle bus to Hangzhou which takes at least three hours. The station can be found on the 2nd Floor between T1 and T2. Please follow the signs with “长途汽车 Coach”. It takes another 45-60 minutes from the bus stop Hangzhou Wulinmen Station (杭州武林门) to the Yunqi Campus of Westlake University by taxi.