We have built one of the most stunning, sustainable, and multi-functional campuses in the world for our Westlake community.

In the heart of an expanding university town, between a major technology hub and the ancient ruins and art district of Liangzhu, Yungu Campus is at the confluence of the old and new. And at 170 football fields in size, it's big.

With approximately 300 state-of-the-art independent laboratories for outstanding researchers, Yungu Campus not only boasts some of the best facilities in the world for research, exploration, and interdisciplinary engagement, but also a campus specifically designed with quality of life in mind for our students, scientists, and engineers.

The campus has already opened many of its world-class facilities, and will see the completion of all construction by 2024. Learn more about the planned highlights of this remarkable campus of the future:

Academic Ring

The Academic Ring is at the core of Yungu Campus and the main construction complex for teaching, research, and other academic activities. The Academic Ring comprises a massive circular corridor interconnecting the four blocks which house our three schools: School of Life Sciences, School of Science, and School of Engineering.

Life Sciences Building

On the southwest side of the Academic Ring, next to the river is the Life Sciences Building. The ubiquitous green of the building compliments the soft colors of the water and gardens to both sides. A vigorous vitality, the power of growth, this is the color and theme of the School of Life Sciences.

Engineering Buildings

The group of blue-themed engineering buildings are located on the east side of the Academic Ring. The School of Engineering of Westlake University has special centers dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence, nano energy, environmental resources, and others. Blue represents the deep color of the sky and the sea, places of exploration demanding sophisticated intelligence and cutting-edge equipment.

Science Building

The Science Building is located on the south side of the Academic Ring, facing the south gate of Westlake University. Our School of Science primarily undertakes research into mathematics, physics, chemistry and other disciplines, as well as training postgraduates.


The Auditorium hosts international conferences, academic activities, opening ceremonies, and performances. The Auditorium boasts a capacity of 1,200 seats and a total floor area of 10,831 m², 6,955 m² above ground and 3,876 m² underground space.

Academic Square

The Academic Square is a transition space connecting the north square of the campus and the central academic area, flanked to the east by the Academic Center and to the west by the Library.


More than just a collection of books and periodicals, the Library will serve as a cultural space and houses archives and an exhibition hall too. It will be in the northwest corner of the academic island.

Academic Laboratories

The Academic Laboratories building will sit on the northeast corner of the campus. The building will be divided into three areas: engineering and physics; chemistry and materials science; and medicine and biology. Open spaces between areas will foster interdisciplinary exchanges to further support the teaching activities at the academic laboratories for undergraduates.

Sports Center

The Sports Center will provide a venue for sporting events and other on-campus activities. The complex will include a swimming pool, dance studio, gym, table tennis room, squash room, basketball court, badminton court, rock climbing wall, and other recreational spaces.

Student Center

The Student Center in the northeast corner of the campus will include a dining hall, coffeehouse, cinema, dance studio, rehearsal room, and an exhibition hall.

Academic Center

The Academic Center, located in the northeast corner of the academic island, will serve as the main building for teaching activities in the undergraduate programs. The building will form a teaching and research complex together with the Academic Laboratories, Collaborative Research Center, Library, and the Academic Ring.

Collaborative Research Center

At the Collaborative Research Center, training sessions will be provided on the guidelines and procedures used for the university research equipment. Faculty and students will receive professional technical guidance and basic training in the use of instruments.

Westlake Residential Colleges

The Westlake Residential Colleges will be in the northeast corner of the campus. The four colleges will provide comfortable spaces for undergraduates to live and learn.

Health Center

The Health Center will offer basic medical care for Westlake community members.