CAMPUS LIFE Housing & Dining


Residence Hall

We aim to offer comfortable and affordable housing and residence facilities to as many of our students, staff, faculty and visiting scholars as possible and ensure their safety and security while living on campus.

On Yunqi campus, we have two apartment buildings ready in place to take in as many people as we can without the cost of livability. On Yungu campus, we will have more spacious housing and residence facilities dedicated to each community of people at Westlake, making students, faculty members, staff and visitors feel at home and at ease.

Parking Space

Motor vehicles can be parked in our underground parking space. Charging services are available for electric vehicles. Please ensure that bicycles and e-bikes are parked in designated locations.

Residence Hall
Delivery Shelves and Lockers

Delivery Shelves and Lockers

If your letter or package has arrived, you are likely to receive a message on your phone about picking it up at the delivery storage space in the parking lot. If it is stored in the lockers, you have to scan a QR-code with the Fengchao-Locker App, your WeChat or Alipay and it will open the box with your delivery.

Convenience Store

Located in the first floor, the campus convenience store (Hao Lin Ju, literally translated as “The Good Neighbor”) offers you snacks, sweets, ice cream, fresh fruits, drinks, stationeries and articles for personal daily use.

To be able to enter the store and purchase articles, you need to register on the screen left to the entrance first. The door will open through facial recognition.

The convenience store is open 24-7. During the day, you can pay with cash, Alipay, WeChat-Pay or your campus card. During the night, when the staff may not be available, you can only pay with your mobile phone through Alipay or WeChat-Pay.

Delivery Shelves and Lockers

Dining Hall

The Yunqi campus dining hall is located on the first and second floor of Building 6. The first floor offers noodles and typical Chinese dishes. It also has a window for international cuisine where you can order dishes like pizza, steak, salads or pasta. The second floor also offers traditional Chinese food as well as other local specialties. Complementary rice and soup are available on both floors. In the dining hall, you can only pay with your campus card.

  • Opening Hours
  • Breakfast:

    06:00-09:00 (first floor only)

  • Lunch:


  • Dinner:


  • Night snack:

    21:00-22:00 (first floor only, and you may have to call out for the staff)

Dining Hall


The Café FEOSE is located in the lobby of Building 5. It offers a variety of coffee and teas, cakes, chocolates, and other sweets. Building 5 is located in the center of the campus with its lobby providing an excellent space for socializing.

  • Opening Hours
  • Weekdays


  • Weekend


  • Tel:

    0571 - 88119539