Jian Yang, Ph.D.

Statistical Genetics Laboratory


Email: jian.yang@westlake.edu.cn

Website: https://yanglab.westlake.edu.cn

jian yang
jian yang

Jian Yang, Ph.D.

Statistical Genetics Laboratory


Email: jian.yang@westlake.edu.cn

Website: https://yanglab.westlake.edu.cn

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Jian Yang is a Professor of Statistical Geneticsat the School of Life Sciences, Westlake University, China. He received his PhD in 2008 from Zhejiang University, China, before undertaking postdoctoral research at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia (2008-2011). He moved to The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, as a Research Fellow in 2012 and was reappointed as a Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader in January 2014. He was promoted to be an Associate Professor in December 2014, and then a Professor in 2017 at UQ. He joined Westlake University in 2020.

He was the 2012 recipient of the Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize, in recognition of his contribution to solving the ‘missing heritability’ paradox. He was awarded the Australian Academy of Science Ruth Stephens Gani Medal for distinguished research in human genetics (2015) and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Sciences (Life Scientist of the Year 2017). He has been named in the Clarivate Highly Cited Researchersfrom2018to2021.

His primary research interests are focused on understanding the genomic variations among individuals within and between populations and the links of genomic variations with health outcomes.The research interests of his lab include (but are not limited to):

· Population genomics and complex traits

· Discovery of new therapeutic targets for cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, and mental illness

· Single-cell genomics and epigenomics

· Big data modeling and deep learning

· Cancer genomics and evolution

· Multi-omics and precision medicine

· High-performance statistical genetics methods and bioinformatics tools

Selected Publications

1.Qi T, Wu Y, Fang H, Zhang F, Liu S, Zeng J, Yang J (2022) Genetic control of RNA splicing and its distinct role in complex trait variation. Nature Genetics, 54:1355-1363.

2. Jiang L, Zheng Z, Fang H, Yang J (2021) A generalized linear mixed model association tool for biobank-scale data. Nature Genetics, 53:1616-1621.

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Email: jian.yang@westlake.edu.cn

Lab website: https://yanglab.westlake.edu.cn