We cultivate curious explorers, bold innovators, and compassionate global leaders. All students study in English and are engaged in research projects that matter, as we believe that skills are gained most effectively through immersive experiences and active learning. Westlake University embraces diversity as one of its core values and welcomes students from around the world and from different social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral programs are exceptional in several ways. We strongly promote interdisciplinary study by encouraging our doctoral students to choose two academic supervisors for their PhD research project. Students can rotate through different research groups prior to choosing a topic. Students are expected to develop their own ideas and contribute to team efforts by pursuing unconventional and innovative paths. For more information, please visit doctoral admissions.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs in Science and Engineering combine rigorous, broadly-based fundamentals with in-depth specializations to prepare our students for the future. Undergraduates have a common curriculum during their first year and select a major in their second year. Students also study subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and other areas.

An important feature of our program is a study-abroad experience for up to one academic year. Students will gain a global perspective by studying at one of our many partner universities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Westlake fosters intellectual curiosity by engaging students in at an early stage. Through research inquiries and immersive experiences, students actively acquire skills needed for career success and leadership.

For more information, please visit our undergraduate website. 

Visiting and Exchange Students

If you are already enrolled at institution abroad and wish to study at Westlake University, you can check out our short-term programs. Exchange students should apply through their home university or department which established a partnership with us. To explore more options, or if you have questions about visa-related issues, travelling to China, or life in Hangzhou, please contact the Office of International Affairs.