Westlake strives to serve the global community and promote the common good of humanity. To achieve excellence, we continuously seek impactful and meaningful partnerships with leading research and education institutions worldwide.


Westlake University welcomes prospective and existing partners to contact and visit us in Hangzhou. We are always open for suggestions and new initiatives. Our Office of International Affairs plans and coordinates international visits.

If your institution is interested in establishing collaborative programs with our schools or research departments, you can also contact the respective international coordinator.

For university-level collaborations, you can contact our staff below:

Prof. Michael Reed

Associate Vice President

Academic and International Affairs


Tel: +86-571-8811-5266

Mr. Min Lyu

Deputy Director

Office of International Affairs


Tel: 86-571-8811-0537

Ms. Donna Yang

International Program Manager

Office of International Affairs


Tel: +86-571-8811-0552


We make history.

Engaging with and understanding China is crucial for any institution simply because the country accounts for more than one fifth of the world's population and is a major global player, and Westlake University is the first research university established by philanthropic support and with an independent board of trustees in the history of modern China. We aim to be a reformer in our higher education system and enjoy strong support from all sectors of society and the government. Founded by prominent scientists and scholars, Westlake University is governed by a Board of Trustees which makes decisions on all important matters. Click here to read the message of our university president Yigong Shi to better understand Westlake's vision and mission.

We are on an important mission.

The 21st century may well pose some of the most complex and pressing challenges that humanity has ever faced. These tremendous challenges transcend national borders. We all face them together and must tackle them together. At Westlake University, we recognize our responsibility to cultivate the next generation of thinkers, inventors, and leaders from all over the world to push forward scientific and technological innovation, navigate increasingly uncertain waters, and take on the opportunities and challenges that we all face.

We are a diverse community of international talent based in Asia.

Westlake University is a diverse community consisting of outstanding and globally leading faculty, enthusiastic and strongly motivated students, professional researchers and staff, and generous friends and supporters. In just a few years since our establishment, we have attracted the best scholars leading in their field from around the world. People who are interested in engaging with China and, at the same time, look for a place to explore their ideas, push their research potential, learn and work with like-minded scholars, and contribute to the future of humanity, will find a home in our Westlake community.

We house most advanced and cutting-edge facilities.

We have built one of the most stunning, sustainable, and multi-functional campuses in the world for our Westlake community. With approximately 300 state-of-the-art independent laboratories for outstanding researchers, Yungu Campus not only boasts some of the best facilities in the world for research, exploration, and interdisciplinary engagement, but also a campus specifically designed with quality of life in mind.

We are building a truly international university in China.

We exemplify the highest international standards in higher education, and our systems and methods endeavor to adopt the best practices of leading universities worldwide. This means embracing diversity, international best practices and global standards in teaching, research, intellectual property rights, student admissions, faculty promotion, and university governance. We guard the intellectual freedom of our students and faculty and provide them with state-of-the-art facilities and support so they can pursue their ideas. English and Chinese are both official languages on campus, and all courses are taught in English.

We are located in Hangzhou, China.

We are located in the stunning and historic city of Hangzhou, where the ancient and the ultra-modern blend to create a place like no other. Less than an hour from Shanghai by high-speed rail, Hangzhou is one of the greenest cities in China with lush tea hills, sparkling river creeks, and romantic bamboo forests. Hangzhou has also emerged as a symbol of openness and innovation boasting some of Asia’s largest technology startup companies. With a global outlook, we are proud to have our roots in a beautiful region of a nation with a long and rich cultural heritage and educational tradition.