• William Kohnen: Deep Ocean Exploration in a Global Technology Environment

    Hydrospace Group Inc President/CEO William Kohnen shares technological breakthroughs and challenges in deep ocean exploration and looks at the key elements that lead to the Limiting Factor submersible (LF) project.

  • Craig C. Mello: A Worms Tale: RNA Memories and the Secrets of Inheritance and Immortality

    American developmental biologist and 2006 Nobel Prize Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, Craig C. Mello, discovered RNA interference (RNAi). He talked about the RNA Memories and the Secrets of Inheritance and Immortality.

  • Jin-Quan Yu: Molecular Editing via Enantioselective and Remote C-H Activation

    Synthetic chemist, Frank and Bertha Hupp Professor of Scripps Research Institute Jin-Quan Yu, pioneering new techniques for the functionalization of carbon-hydrogen (C–H) tells us the story of the discovery of organic molecular editing technology. The new method of functionalization of carbon-hydrogen bon initiated by him is one of the most advanced and important research directions of organic chemistry in the 21st century.

  • Herbert Huppert: Stokes Drift above and into Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Significance

    Professor of Institute of Theoretical Geophysics and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge, Herbert Huppert, discusses drift velocities, due to wave motion, of fluid which overlies a saturated porous bed, and explains the small vertical drift measurements in coral reefs, essential to the biological exchange between the coral layer and the sea above.

  • 1st Session of WeMeet Series

    Violinist Yuxi Liu performing in his concert at Westlake University.

  • The Autumn of Yunqi Campus

    The autumn of Yunqi Campus