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Senior Female Students Share Experiences and Lessons with Junior Peers

08, 2023

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Office of the Dean, School of Science

On Tuesday evening, a classroom at the School of Science was adorned with colorful balloons and lights, creating a lively atmosphere.

In the center of the room, junior students sat in a circle on straw mats, attentively listening to their graduating senior female peers, who shared their study experiences, valuable lessons they learned along the way, and personal stories of both challenges and successes, hoping to provide inspiration and encouragement to their junior peers.

The “For Girls in Science” event was organized by the School of Science to celebrate the achievements of its female students and provide a unique platform for an exchange between junior and senior students for mutual growth and learning on the eve of International Women’s Day.

During the event, four senior female students – Qingyun Yang, Mengyue Cao, Lifang Bian and Jiali Liu – recounted their personal experiences, answered questions from their junior peers, and offered words of advice, resulting in an engaging discussion filled with moments of laughter and reflection.

More than 25 students, both undergraduate and graduate students, attended the event. 

Here are a few snapshots from the event: