2021 Huxin Lecture Series Autumn Session Kicks off with a Discussion of Evolution

26, 2021

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With Westlake University’s 2021 Huxin Lecture Series Autumn Session, Huxin Open Lecture Series marked its first anniversary celebration in style on September 25. The event titled “Epic of Evolution” involved the audiences with an interactive discussion of major topics at the junction of paleontology and philosophy.

Zhonghe Zhou, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of China’s most respected paleontologists, gave a broad historical review of the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution and dispelled common misconceptions about evolution.

Qing Liu, Zijiang Distinguished Professor of East China Normal University, discussed the changing roles of ideologies and religion towards evolution and looked at the factors and ethics behind Social Darwinism.

The lecture’s Q&A session engaged Prof. Yigong Shi and the two scholars in a creative conversation triggered by powerful questions, offering the audience an opportunity to find out more about the topic.

Taking a guided tour of the campus, visiting labs, connecting with Westlake staff and doctoral students and attending the Huxin Open Lecture, a group of students from some of the best high schools in Hangzhou were introduced to Westlake's immersive learning experiences and diverse community during Huxin’s core side event—Huxin Campus Tour.

Westlake University’s Huxin Lecture Series was initiated by Westlake President Yigong Shi in 2020. The lectures are free of charge and offered quarterly for the purpose of greater public awareness of science and technology. It is part of our commitment to giving back to the wider society for which we were established to serve. 

The theme of each lecture is chosen for its topicality to the understanding of science and humanity, with each speaker being an influential figure in their field. We hope to continue holding Huxin Lectures for more people so that we can pass on the same passion and love for exploration and discovery that drives us all at Westlake University to the next generation.