2022 Huxin Lecture Series Spring Session Bridges Science and Art

Huxin Lecture
25, 2022

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On April 9, Huxin Lecture Series presented a live streaming event for the first time, adjusting to the new reality of life under social distancing conditions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The event attracted a large online audience from around the country, averaging 113,110 viewers across all networks.

Mathematician Gang Tian expressed his appreciation of mathematical beauty with his lecture ‘Go Deep Into Math’, elaborating on the aesthetic nature derived from the abstractness, simplicity and symmetry of mathematics.

Jiang Xu, renowned Chinese artist and former president of the China Academy of Art, presented an introduction on the development of modern aesthetic education in China and promoted aesthetical values to education.

The online event saw a viewership spike during the Q&A session, when President Yigong Shi interacted with the two scholars and weaved science and art into the discussion.

Jiang Xu and Prof. Yigong Shi made book donations for the 'Huxin Drifting Book Bottle' Program, the mission of which is to get books into the hands of children in villages.

Westlake University embraces openness in the pursuit of knowledge and seeks to push the boundaries of human knowledge. Huxin Lecture enables the university to make its educational materials available to a wide set of audiences throughout their lives.