Candidates for Inaugural Undergraduate Class Explore Westlake at Huxin Lecture

29, 2022

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Westlake University rolled out the second round of admissions test for the inaugural undergraduate class from June 17 to June 19, 2022. The prospective candidates from top-notch high schools around Zhejiang Province were welcomed with a special Huxin Lecture. 

As an event featuring the university culture, this Huxin Lecture includes campus tours, science flash talks, and lectures to help students experience the vibrant Westlake community.

Four thought-provoking lectures were given by prominent professors at Westlake: Prof. Yigong Shi, the university president, Prof. Tian Xu, chair professor of genetics at the School of Life Sciences and the university vice president, Prof. Min Qiu, chair professor of photonics at the School of Engineering and the university vice president, and Prof. Licheng Sun, chair professor of chemistry at the School of Science. All of them are leading scientists in their respective fields.

The lectures covered a wide range of scientific topics, such as environmental science, sustainable development, energy, artificial intelligence, and life. The four professors presented how scientific research and development posed an impact on our livelihoods, also charted exciting academic pathways for the future scientists.

Shi talked to the candidates about the unlimited options ahead and encouraged them to pursue their science dreams and chase the light at Westlake, coinciding nicely with the theme of the Huxin Campus Tour: “Light Chasing.”

Reflecting on his science career, Shi told the students, “It's important to have aspirations.”

“You can become a pathfinder and play an active role in tackling the biggest issues facing society and ultimately, changing the world if you really want to,” said Shi.

Shi also encouraged students to find their future at Westlake and assume more responsibilities for our world. 

“You can make a difference here at Westlake! It depends on whether you have the sense of responsibility at critical moments, whether you dare to stand up and be the first in the world,” he said.

Through the Huxin Lecture, Westlake keeps exploring innovative methods for science education and providing opportunities to engage and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The guided campus tours, laboratory tours, science flash talks and online quiz challenge are part of our efforts to encourage teenagers to develop a passion for science and discovery.