A Midsummer Night's Dream at Westlake, Who is Your Superstar?

06, 2019

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Office of Public Affairs

Choir, rock ‘n’ roll, folk songs, a piano sonata,

pizza, sausages, desserts, plus BBQ


A few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, in front of the dining hall,

The Overseas Association of Westlake University is presenting the grand fair of

A midsummer night’s dream.


This is a unique gala brewed in Westlake only

No splendid stage

No top stereos

Just us Westlakers

From lead singer to bass player, from keyboard to songwriter,

All made in Westlake by our iconic Music Club.

The campus is on fire.


When the curtains are drawn,

The lead singer grabs his guitar, instead of leaving the stage.

No fancy costumes,

But still looking good with our Westlaker-only T-shirts.


Holding BBQ in one hand and a balloon in the other,

Mix good food with quality music.

We applaud everyone who dares to sing on stage,


And we love the buzz.

We want the passion.


Because we are dreamers,

because we are young,

Because we are bold and untold.


Put on glowing “kitten ears”,

We are superstars tonight.

Lab show or party, Westlakers are foodies. German sausages, French croissants, Italian pizza ... foodies have no boundaries. The whole world is our plate.

First off, City of Stars by Westlake Choir.

Jingyi Mao from the Office of Infrastructure and Facility Management showed his varsity, a piano player and African drummer, all in his melodious and idyllic Chopin: Nocturne No.2 in E-Flat Major.

Tina is definitely the bright star tonight, singer, conductor, bass player, songwriter, composer...she’s all of them. Tonight she is singing her own stuff, At Westlake, Red Wine, and I Don’t Want To. Tina is a music lover, she learned to play the piano since the age of three. She is also good at guitar, African drum, Chinese drum, Erhu and other musical instruments. She is the host of Music Club, which attracts hundreds of faculty and students at Westlake.

Xiao Liang, who just joined the first poster design and speech contest for doctoral students, now turn into a professional bass player on stage.

Jiayue Liu from the Office of Infrastructure and Facility Management gives her best performance from the bottom of her heart, “Just like you and everyone else, we are like the weeds and flowers on the road, this is the calling of my life”, the resounding lyric speaks to everyone on board.

Fangfei Zhang from Tiannan Guo’s Lab covers When September Ends. “Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last”wins the heart of many.

Following the gala, the audience and performers get together for a quiz night, guess who wins the music quiz tonight?

What a middle summer night’s dream at Westlake!