Westlake Voices: Limin Qi - "After 3 Years, Here I am"

09, 2021

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Limin Qi

Zhejiang University Graduate

Nanophotonics and Instrument Technology Laboratory

School of Engineering, Westlake University

Although Limin Qi is a new student this year at Westlake University, he knows us very well already. The reason is simple: he has been "checking in" on Westlake University for three years already.

In the summer of 2019, Qi, who was about to enter his junior year, visited Westlake University for the first time. He recalls, "I knew a senior with the same major as me working in Prof. Min Qiu's laboratory. I visited his laboratory, we need to wear protective clothing to enter." He said that his first impression was the laboratory was "cool" and he felt like "a bit of a tourist".

This was the first time he would "check-in" to Westlake University and it was out of curiosity. The second visit was more intentional. In 2020, the sudden outbreak of Covid took Limin by surprise and he needed to find a suitable way to study. Westlake University came to mind and he soon discovered that it was about to launch that year's summer camp and internship opportunities. Without hesitation, Qi signed up, but he did not expect to be admitted to both projects.

As such, in the summer of 2020, Limin was "soaked" in Westlake University.  During the summer camp, Limin performed very well, winning the "Outstanding Camper" award. According to Westlake University's 2021 doctoral student enrollment guidelines, any "Outstanding Camper" who meets the required qualifications of their school for graduate students and the selection requirements of Westlake University's joint doctoral training program, will be given priority during the admissions process.

After completing his "Westlake Journey" that summer, Qi returned to Zhejiang University to take courses for the fall semester. He would quickly return to Westlake University as a visiting student. For his third "check-in", Qi had a clear mind and a clear goal. In 2021, he officially become a PhD student with the Nanophotonics and Instrument Technology Laboratory.

Why did Limin Qi decide to join Westlake University? He says, "on the one hand, I want to continue working in the field of laboratory chip cooling, and work with team members to explore the principles of cryogenic systems, build models, etc. The platform resources and laboratory here at Westlake University are very good. On the other hand, I think the people at Westlake University are particularly interesting. This is a rich and diverse group, many have studied abroad or are returning to study after working for some time. The atmosphere here is also very good. Interactions with teachers are not limited to the classroom. We all often walk to the cafeteria or eat together. I am very happy here."