Zhenhai High School Graduate Jingwei Xu Staying Out of the Rat Race | New Westlake Students

27, 2022

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Jingwei Xu, undergraduate from Alpha College Westlake University, is a graduate of Zhenhai Middle School. This year, his college entrance examination score exceeded 680, but he is best at football. When he was in elementary school, he won the title of national second-level athlete. His father is a lawyer and his mother is a teacher. Seeing the above information, do you think that this is another poor kid with tiger parents, piled up with training courses since childhood? Well the truth is, he's better suited to a buzzword that's popping up on the internet these days – slacker -- referring to a wandering philosophy of life. While the possibilities ahead are endless; his personality will change with experience - but for now, you can count him as a slacker.

The most typical is his answer to "Why choose Westlake University?" Many of his more than 50 classmates in the first undergraduate class of Westlake University went straight to Westlake with clear goals: "I like life science", "I am interested in scientific research", "I want to use my power to change the world", etc. But his answer was: "I don't know what I want to learn, so I came to Westlake!" What logic is this? Xu Jingwei explained: "Because in the first two years at Westlake, undergraduates are educated in general courses, we don't have to choose a major right away, and then we choose after we have all been exposed to learning and have a certain understanding. In this way, I can better find out what I am really interested in and want to do.” In doing what he wants to learn, he also has the opportunity to engage in trial and error.

In fact, this seemingly laid-back boy is very assertive. The above is just one of the reasons why he chose Westlake University. When Prof. Yigong Shi spoke about the original intentions behind the founding of Westlake University, Xu was moved and felt that China really needed a university like Westlake to do "new things". He thought that if he went to study at Westlake, he could come into contact with many talented people. He still had some other personal considerations. The weather in the north is dry, and the painful trip to Xi'an with nosebleeds is still vivid in his mind. Hangzhou is different. Hangzhou has beautiful scenery and Westlake is very beautiful too.

Soon after starting at Westlake, Xu’s schoolwork was suddenly tense. But Xu remembered the words of Bin He, a physics teacher, very clearly: “Enjoy life.” His chosen academic advisor, Professor Hongfei Wang from the School of Science, also told him not to choose too many courses. Abandoning biology, he chose physics and chemistry. Whether it was by chance or coincidence, his academic advisor is also a scientist who "walks around the courtyard,” Xu’s style to a tee.

Recently, due to a typhoon, it was raining in Hangzhou. After the wind and rain stopped, Xu wanted to take the time to choose a new pair of football shoes, because the school football association discovered this "new force" and invited him to lead an undergraduate team to participate in the competition. He is loving his new life at Westlake and still has 600 days here to find his way and direction. In two years we will meet with him again and, over a cup of coffee, talk about that journey, his insights, and his future.