Fusion of Science and Arts – Westlake University Started Collaboration with China Academy of Art

Shan XU
19, 2020

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Tsung-Dao Lee, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, once said that “arts and science are two sides of a coin.” At Westlake University, we strongly believe that great things can come out from the interplay between science and arts.

Recently, Westlake University and the China Academy of Art officially started cross-institutional cooperation to offer a truly interdisciplinary education. Westlake University President Yigong Shi and China Academy of Art President Shiming Gao signed the collaboration agreement. 

On the ceremony, Yigong Shi expressed his aspiration in a short speech: “Arts and science share a common  core: they both require creators. And I believe that the fusion of arts and science will create better art and better science.  From this day on, we shall share our experiences in discipline development, research and art creation, lab and studio establishment, and talent cultivation. I think that scientists who understand art and artists who understand science may even create a completely new subject area that exceeds our imagination. The signing of strategic agreement today represents a new start and I look forward to developing this cooperation and opening doors to a new world. May the collision between science and arts create some sparkling fireworks!” 

Shiming Gao, President of the China Academy of Art followed up with the enthusiasm : “Westlake University is a new but excellent and refined institution dedicated to basic research and innovation, whereas the China Academy of Art has a long history, deeply rooted academic traditions, and the most comprehensive discipline establishment in refined and fine arts. Though different in age and disciplinary focus, both universities share similar ideals. The hearts of scientists and artists often synchronize because both participate in this world in a similar way. They climb different paths but towards the same mountain peak. Science and art are the purest disciplines of all in their nature. They both pursue innovation and they both require inspiration and creativity. This is the foundation of their exchange. We are now developing our collaboration and allowing science and arts to develop hand-in-hand. It is not about technologizing or instrumentalizing, but purely about mutual appreciation and fusion. ”

Both sides agreed on complementing each other through each university’s unique strength and sharing resources in the exploration of arts and science. The agreement includes setting up university-level discussions, developing cross-disciplinary curricula and activities, and creating synergies in studies of common interest such as neuroscience, AI, materials science, data perception, visual communication, etc. This semester, the China Academy of Art has already opened a “Chinese Art History” class to all Westlake University doctoral students.