Ren Sun To Be Director of Westlake University’s Center for Infectious Disease Research

11, 2022

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He identified high-definition, multi-dimensional functional maps for the virus genome, and interpreted the replication and immune escape mechanisms of viruses such as influenza, AIDS, and hepatitis C.

He comprehensively studied how viruses invade and harm the human body. His team joined other research groups at the beginning of the pandemic to identify multiple small molecule compounds that effectively inhibit the replication of the coronavirus.

He has made major breakthroughs in a new vaccine design method, and is expected to produce a broad-spectrum vaccine against a variety of influenza strains.

He is Ren Sun, born and raised in Hangzhou’s Xihu District. A graduate of Fudan University and Yale University, he has served as a distinguished professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), a chair professor at the University of Hong Kong, and a member of the Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Cancer Institute.

On the first working day of 2022 we have exciting news: this internationally renowned virologist, Ren Sun, will be joining Westlake University as a full-time chair professor and director of our Center for Infectious Disease Research.

Professor Sun has been committed to virology and immunology for a long time, and has made many milestones in the field of virus-host interaction, providing a solid foundation for analyzing the potential mechanisms of virus replication and developing new vaccine design schemes. His research has been widely recognized by international colleagues, with more than 180 academic papers having been published in top journals such as Nature, Science and Cell.

Professor Sun has served as an Associate Dean and Senior Associate Dean of the School of Medicine at UCLA, and Senior Advisor to the President at the University of Hong Kong. He has extensive team building and leadership skills, as well as extensive experience in teaching reform and international cooperation. In recognition of his outstanding academic achievements and social contributions, Professor Ren Sun has won the National Cancer Institute Outstanding Service Award, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Award, and the West Lake Friendship Award.

After joining Westlake University, Professor Sun's team will focus on the precise functional positioning of the viral genome and vaccine development, systematic evaluation of the immune response and mechanisms after infection and vaccination, and the study of protein structures and function. At the same time, he will also coordinate and promote the interdisciplinary and multi-level long-term development of the Center for Infectious Disease Research. With the global pandemic still raging, the Center for Infectious Disease Research will focus on researching the infection mechanisms of the coronavirus, influenza virus, and HIV as well as vaccine research and development.

According to Professor Sun, he plans to start from two aspects. One is to adopt new design ideas for new vaccine platforms, establish a high-resolution functional genome map of the virus and accurately construct vaccine strains to obtain high-efficiency broad-spectrum immunity. The second is to combine high-throughput sequencing, multi-omics analysis and deep learning to establish a high-throughput and high-precision immunoassay platform, build an immunomics research center, and evaluate various vaccines in a comprehensive and high-resolution manner.

At present, Westlake University is recruiting outstanding academic talent from around the world to join Professor Sun’s team and the Center for Infectious Disease Research in systems biology, immunology and virology, including research professors, research associate professors, research assistant professors, post-doctoral fellows, and research assistants in related disciplines.

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