Westlake Joins Scholars, Teachers to Promote Global English Education at Event

Jocelyn Eikenburg
05, 2022

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Dr. Paul Saunders, an English instructor at Westlake, delivers an invited talk at the 2022 Global English Education China Assembly.

Westlake University joined distinguished scholars and teachers to promote international English education cooperation and exchange ideas and perspectives during the 2022 Global English Education China Assembly, held July 28-31 in Hangzhou, China.

A high-level education event organized by China Daily in partnership with academic institutions, the assembly focuses on advancing scholarship and cross-cultural understanding among English educators. This year, it gathered leading professionals from institutions in China and around the world, such as Stanford University and the British Council. Westlake sponsored the meeting to introduce its English-language curriculum, especially for the newly launched undergraduate program.

During the event, Dr. Paul Saunders, an English instructor at Westlake, delivered an invited talk titled "New Story Framework Re-Focuses STEMM Graduate Students on Academic Content".

"I felt honored to have the opportunity to present a framework involving story, which I use to help science and engineering graduate students at Westlake University to more effectively communicate their actual research work,” he said. Saunders hoped members of the audience also appreciated the value in trying to understand students’ thinking first to know how to better approach helping students learn. “By taking the time to understand their current thinking, we may better be able to help them develop their thinking for their long-term success.”

Prof. Michael Reed, associate vice president for academic and international affairs at Westlake, welcomed the chance to connect with educators from around the world to share innovations in English-language teaching at the assembly. “Westlake is proud to be part of this event, both to contribute to the international English education community and to promote our own English-based curriculum.”