Freshman Xinyi Wang: Why Did We Choose Westlake?

12, 2022

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On July 31, Westlake University held the opening ceremony for its inaugural class of undergraduates.

Xinyi Wang was one of these undergraduates, and at the opening ceremony Xinyi took to the stage to deliver a special address as a representative of her cohort.

(Below is a lightly edited version of Xinyi Wang’s speech, translated from Mandarin):

I believe that all undergraduate students here must have been asked the same question, that is: Why did you choose Westlake University?

Whether by classmates, teachers, relatives or friends, we all have been asked this question.

I think everyone's answer is different. Maybe it’s because of Westlake University’s unique model, free and equal academic atmosphere, maybe because of President Shi’s personal charm and charisma, maybe because of the strong faculty of Westlake University, maybe it’s because of the long term goals of this university…

Behind these answers is our trust in Westlake University—we believe that in Westlake University, we can realize our ideals and grow into what we want—and this is the biggest reason why we chose Westlake.

We chose Westlake University because of its excellence. However, choosing Westlake doesn't stop there. Choosing Westlake means choosing various missions.

When we choose Westlake, we choose to take responsibility. We are the first undergraduates of Westlake University, and therefore, we shoulder the great mission of defining Westlake University.

When we choose Westlake, we choose to struggle. As President Shi mentioned in the recent Huxin Lecture, "Excellence must come from your persistence."

When we choose Westlake, we chose an open and inclusive international vision. The upcoming English-based curriculum and the overseas exchange for the junior year are Westlake's bright visions for us to look forward to the world. We need to carry out cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary exchanges, and not be limited by fixed thinking.

We choose Westlake, but we also choose gratitude. Gratitude for what? Gratitude to all the teachers and staff of Westlake University, because of your sincerity, tolerance and enthusiasm, us 60 undergraduates can gather here together. Gratitude to our parents, despite the initial worry and anxiety, after learning about Westlake, they are still firm in their support for us. Gratitude to our alma mater and previous teachers. Gratitude to our society. Thank you to everyone here!

Classmates, we have chosen Westlake, and the future is promising. We have the confidence and ability to create a history for Westlake University. Let us work together to demonstrate the responsibility of "daring to be the first in the world", have a fighting spirit, cultivate an open and tolerant community, and realize the dream of a Westlake together!