Westlake University Hosts School of Science Summer Camp

01, 2022

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Xiang Bo, a Ph.D. student from the Quantum Materials Growth and Characterization Laboratory, demonstrated the wonders of superconducting magnetic levitation to a gathering crowd of students. The laboratory had made a circular track based on the concept of the Mobius strip, which looks like a type of roller coaster. However, on this superconductor “roller coaster” one does not need to wear a seat belt, thanks to the Meissner effect.

This was one of many activities, talks, and displays that student campers enjoyed during this year’s Westlake University School of Science Summer Camp, which one participant described as a “roller coaster” of an experience.

“When we arrived and registered, our lead teacher was very kind and friendly,” said one camper we spoke to. “In principle, we were strangers, but there was no sense of distance at all!” exclaimed another. A third expressed that the principal investigators were very knowledgeable and fun to communicate with.

In the evening, student campers enjoyed their dinner with principal investigators, chatting away about the day’s topics and activities while eating. “Teachers shared their thinking and values, and gave guidance and advice to each of us,” one young camper told us, “which opened up my eyes and mind. It was awesome!”

Other students praised the community environment they enjoyed on campus. “It’s great to be with like-minded students from all over the country. After the camp events and activities, we went to the West Lake to chill,” explained a camper. “The farewell dinner was bittersweet. I don't know when we will meet again, but I wish my new friends a smooth journey and success in their studies!”