Six Years and Six Cohorts of Lessons

05, 2022

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From 19 students to 352 students, behind the growth in numbers, there are young and brave people. Every bit of their progress is inseparable from the care and support of each Westlake family member.

What have these brave young people learned in their time at this young university? And for the Westlake family who have been supporting their growth, especially the Board of Trustees of Westlake University, what life experiences and wisdom can they share about learning, growth, and life?

On August 21, after the opening ceremony of our "Westlake Phase VI" doctoral students, the Westlake University Board of Trustees, Teachers and Students Meeting was held at Yungu campus.

The Board of Trustees included members that came from Guangdong, Henan, Shanghai and other places in Zhejiang Province in order to sit down with representatives of Westlake University faculty, doctoral students and undergraduate students to have a good chat about "growth".

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Minhao Liu, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Westlake University, Associate Vice President, and Secretary General of the Westlake Education (WE) Foundation, and attended by administrative representative Xiaoping Tian, student representative Yucong Li, as well as PI and faculty representatives.

Growth, this was a common theme with the five doctoral student representatives who participated in the exchange.

Bingqing Yao, a doctoral student from the School of Life Sciences, Shan Wu, a doctoral student from the School of Engineering, and Kai Chen, a doctoral student from the School of Science, shared their experiences about realizing their personal scientific research dreams at Westlake University. Yao’s research can play a role in exploring the role of tumor flora in the occurrence, development, metastasis and recurrence of cancer; Wu’s research on the processing characteristics of amorphous ice and electron beam 3D nano-printing micro-printing based on organic ice engraving has seen good results; Chen has established a new "phenol-ketone" catalytic interconversion mode by driving molecular "intelligent manufacturing" with a new catalytic mode.

In addition to scientific research, the campus life of doctoral students is also colorful. Xuan Wu, a doctoral student in the School of Engineering, organized many activities together with his classmates after joining the Graduate Student Union, such as the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" concert, an offline flea market, New Year's family photo, and others. Tiange participated in the "Sowing the Future of Science Trees" teaching group to teach popular science classes and set up science corners in primary and secondary schools in Xinjiang; Wu, who has spent more than three years at Westlake University, set up a photography and visual club of Westlake University in addition to scientific research, and is also a drummer in a band. Their experiences have made the newly admitted doctoral and undergraduate students feel full of expectations for Westlake.

From "Westlake Cohort I" to "Westlake Cohort VI", what kinds of new Westlake youth do our leaders hope to see?

Chong Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation, and Director of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, has supported the development of Westlake University as early as 2018, regarding Westlake Cohorts I through VI, he said: "It is better than I originally imagined. Yes, even better!"

“In the past, the whole country was very poor, and no one could study but for the sake of making money. Now, our country's economic level has improved, and we can pursue the visions like that of Westlake University, dedicating our years to scientific research and changing the world!"

Hong Huang, honorary Chair of Zhishan Public Welfare Foundation, is full of expectations for the doctoral students, "You come with ambitions, you must learn knowledge, use knowledge well, and let this knowledge realize higher social value and give back to the society."

Yongjun Zhang, Chief Investment Officer of Dunhe Asset Management Co., Ltd., encouraged the doctoral students: "Scientific research may be the same as investment, not every case is successful, and there will be many failures, but these failures are equally valuable. Scientific research , the road of innovation, whether it is success or failure in the end, as long as we have walked the road, it is success!”

Xiao Feng, Chair of Zhejiang Huishan Industrial Co., Ltd., saw the news of Yigong Shi's resignation from Tsinghua University, and said, "I was shocked! When I discussed this with my husband, we said that he was using his personal future to build Westlake University. If the common goal is to promote the development of the world, then we should do our part and donate a part of our money. "

Jingxia Xue, Chair of Henan Kanglida Investment Group Co., Ltd., is very pleased that so many doctoral students have chosen Westlake University. She said, "You have chosen a group of like-minded mentors and friends, who can take off together on the road of scientific research. You can fly freely with confidence. We are entrepreneurs and although we don’t know how to run a university, we are willing to donate part of our profits to support one. I hope that more entrepreneurs will join us in the future to serve our country together. Make a little contribution to the strength of science and education.”

Jiaxing Huang, professor representative and chair professor of materials science at Westlake University, returned to China to join Westlake University in August 2021. Why come? She said: "It is difficult but necessary to set up Westlake University, a school full of vitality, open-mindedness and ambition. But we can do this together, because it should be done!”