We Invite You To Join Our Westlake-Science Joint Online Symposium On Gene Editing

10, 2022

Email: zhangchi@westlake.edu.cn
Phone: +86-(0)571-86886861
Office of Public Affairs

Westlake-Science Joint Online Symposiums are co-organized by Westlake Laboratory of Life Sciences and Biomedicine and Science/AAAS. The broad goal of this series is to promote scientific communication during the time when international travel is difficult. We also hope to make perspectives and insights from world-renowned scientists accessible to students and researchers in China, particularly those in the less-developed areas by opening free registration to these events. The Symposium series will cover many exciting topics, including:

  • Gene editing

  • Biomolecular condensates in human health and disease

  • Protein engineering

  • Dynamic molecular systems

  • Virus-host interaction

  • Optogenetics

  • Mechanobiology

  • Imaging tissues, cells and molecules

  • Single cell analysis

  • Cancer immunology

The Symposiums will be held monthly, with three speakers each time, containing two parts:

  • First part (90 mins): 30 mins Talk including Q&A for each speaker

  • Second part (30 mins): Panel discussion

The Symposiums will be webcasted on multiple platforms, including WeChat Video Channel, Vhall, BiliBili, Koushare, XiaoETong. They’ll be accessible on demand via Vhall after the live broadcast. The registration will be open 2-3 weeks before the webcasting date.

To register for this event please use your phone to scan the QR code below:

Or alternatively, use Google Chrome to use the following link: https://en.westlake.edu.cn/academics/School_of_Life_Science/Conference/Live/Register/?videoId=33