Westlake Community Holds First Annual Westlake University Games

14, 2022

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On 12 Nov. Westlake University held its first annual Westlake University Games. It wasn’t only the competition that was heated, no one had thought that the November sun could be so hot.

The games saw participation from all walks of our diverse Westlake community, showing that scientists and engineers too can showcase athletic prowess on the track and field. Chair Professor Dan Yang says that while standing on the 4x100-meter starting line, she remembered that the last time she participated in games like this was more than 30 years ago.

On the afternoon of the games, Westlake University’s president, Yigong Shi, could be seen cheering runners in the women’s 10,000-meter race, he himself having participated in the men's 10,000-meter race earlier in the day.

In addition to healthy competition, the Games acted as a great social and bonding event for our community too: "Who is he?" "Who is she?" "Who are they?" These questions could be heard along the track. Regardless of position or age, our community mixed together playing hearty games.

The tug-of-war event was particularly memorable. Each team was composed of seven men and three women. One of participants for the administrative team included shot put champion and 100-meter runner-up Xiucheng Dong. Even Vice-President Xiaoyun Zhu donned sportwear and a fighting spirit to join in on the fun.

As the afternoon moved on and the scorching sun receded, the cool of the early evening granted our competitors some reprieve as the final events were held.

The day before the Westlake University Games we hosted the famous dramatist, Mr Stan Lai, for a WeMeet event. During the event Lai asked the question of does the universe have meaning, does life make sense? Lai did not know the answer. But in the cooling of the late Saturday afternoon during the final games, as our Westlake community together as one, laughed and cheered, one could be forgiven for thinking in those cheerful moments: Yes, there is meaning here.

A community is formed by shared values, and grows with shared memories. Years from now the winners of records and medals may fade from our minds, but the merriment and collegial spirit will live on in our collective Westlake University memory, ever strengthening our bonds as a community.