Westlake University to Hold 2022 Westlake Forum on Higher Education

18, 2022

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“A university is a place to cultivate people, a place to shape the future,” said Westlake University President Yigong Shi. As such, the university regards engagement with research and educational institutions worldwide as a critical responsibility, and will host such exchanges during the 2022 Westlake Forum on Higher Education on Nov. 19.

Presidents and representatives from 23 universities at home and abroad, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Hong Kong University, University of Macau, National University of Singapore, Princeton University, Cornell University, University of Queensland, University of Warwick, and others will come together to discuss this year’s theme: “The Role of Universities in Educating Future Leaders”.

The 23 universities participating in this forum are from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions. Participants will discuss in depth the challenges facing universities today and seek collaborative solutions.

Westlake University first launched the Westlake Forum on Higher Education on Oct. 20, 2018. Presidents and representatives of more than 20 institutions attended the meeting to discuss how universities can address global issues and also drive innovation at the frontiers of science and technology.

Shi believes that in the face of so many global challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, energy shortage, and food security, university leaders around the world should recognize that working together to meet future challenges will help make the planet better for humanity.

Through the Westlake Forum on Higher Education, Westlake University hopes to build a bridge between East and West, between China and the world, and to promote international cooperation among universities. The university wishes to, "join hands to develop an open and inclusive culture, and train future leaders with cross-cultural and interdisciplinary competence,” according to Shi. “We will work together to lead the reform in the process of teaching and scientific research, and assume responsibility for the future."