ACADEMICS 05, 2021

The first multi-organ proteomic landscape of COVID-19 autopsies completed by researchers from Wes...

ACADEMICS 08, 2020

Westlake University Lab Developed Technology to Control Assembly with Light

ACADEMICS 27, 2020

Westlake University Principal Investigator Selected for BBRF Grant


Houfeng Zheng’s Team Closed the Debate on the Association Between Psoriasis and Osteoporosis

ACADEMICS 01, 2020

Xiao Lin's Team Published Paper on Nature Communications

ACADEMICS 16, 2020

Peilong Lu Published the First Ever De Novo-Designed Transmembrane Pores on Nature

ACADEMICS 18, 2020

Westlake University Published Research Results on Human Heteromeric Amino Acid Transporter

ACADEMICS 19, 2020

Chair Professor Alexey Kavokin received Prestigious Quantum Device Award

ACADEMICS 11, 2020

Westlake University Researchers Found Gut Microbiota Might Underlie the Predisposition of Healthy...

ACADEMICS 13, 2020

Characteristic Blood Biomarkers for COVID-19 identified in Westlake University

ACADEMICS 18, 2020

PNAS published latest research of Alexey Kavokin, Westlake University

ACADEMICS 25, 2020

Researchers at Westlake University Unveiled Structure of the RBD-ACE2-B0AT1 Complex

ACADEMICS 25, 2020

Researchers at Westlake University Successfully Deciphered the Spatial Structure of the Novel Cor...