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Call for Applications and Nominations: 2022 Westlake University Announces Launch of Westlake Fellows Program

01, 2022

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About Us:

Westlake University is a new type of non-profit research-oriented university in China, supported by public and private funding. Founded by prominent scientists and scholars, we are committed to building a truly international, world-leading, research-focused university.

Westlake Fellows Program:

Westlake University initiates the Westlake Fellows Program to recognize the contributions of emerging and outstanding scholars worldwide, to foster innovative and collaborative research in science and technology, and to create a vibrant eco-system for international collaborations that lead to free exchange of ideas and enduring bonds between institutions and nations.

The Program offers two types of fellows for scholars at different career stages including Westlake Fellows and Westlake Visiting Professors:

1. Westlake Fellows seek exceptional young scientists of great promise in their early careers whom we wish to attract to Westlake, on occasion leading to subsequent faculty appointments. We will provide them the opportunity to start their own research with independence or semi-independence, pursue cutting-edge research, and with access to the outstanding technical and scientific resources at Westlake for three years as an alternative to traditional post-doctoral programs. The appointment can be extended upon approval to three additional years for a total of six years. Meanwhile, they can benefit from the mentorship of their host faculty with tremendous flexibility and the full support from the host School and the University. Approximately eight to ten Fellowships are awarded each year.

2. Westlake Visiting Professors, including Westlake Senior Fellows and Westlake Distinguished Fellows, aim to bring outstanding assistant/associate professors or brilliant full professors (or equivalent) to Westlake campus on a short-term basis for collaborative research interactions within Westlake's interdisciplinary community.


Diversity and inclusion are core values of Westlake University. Applications will be equally evaluated based on experience and qualifications of the candidates. If you are interested in the Program but have no potential nominators or expected host faculty members, please feel free to contact us at WestlakeFellows@westlake.edu.cn for more information. Successful nominees will receive a formal invitation from the Program that details the terms of the appointment or the visit.

1. Westlake Fellows


· About to be awarded Ph.D. or within two years of obtaining Ph.D. or equivalent degree

· Ph.D. must be received before the visit

· Haven’t been employed as an assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor (or equivalent)

Terms of Appointment

· A three-year term with a negotiable start date

· An internationally competitive salary, an on-campus apartment, and travel allowances

· A research start-up fund provided annually, an office room, and dedicated laboratory space

· A high-end medical care plan for the entire family and schooling assistance for children

How to Apply

1)  Nomination: The Program invites deans, department chairs, faculty members or research scientists at institutions around the world to nominate the Westlake Fellows candidates. The nomination materials are as follows:

·The Nomination Form

· A comprehensive CV of the nominee (with complete publication list)

2)  Application: Once the nomination is accepted and confirmed, the eligible nominee will be invited to submit the following application materials.

·  The Application Form

·  A research statement specifying the research you will pursue at Westlake (limit 2 single-spaced pages, 11-point font or larger)

3)  References: After the application is completed, the referees will be contacted by the Program to send references directly to WestlakeFellows@westlake.edu.cn Please ensure that the referees have already agreed to provide their references before submitting the application.

2. Westlake Visiting Professors


·  Westlake Senior Fellows: assistant or associate professors (or equivalent) at institutions around the world

·  Westlake Distinguished Fellows: full Professor (or equivalent) at institutions around the world

Terms of Visit

·  Visit may range from a minimum of one week to a maximum of one year with a negotiable start date

·  A prorated stipend, accommodation, and transportation

·  A prorated research fund, office room, and laboratory space according to the actual needs


1)  Westlake Senior Fellows shall be nominated by Westlake University faculty members. Direct applications and self-nominations are not accepted. The nomination materials are as follows:

·The Nomination Form 

·  A full CV of the nominee

·  A statement describing the specific duties during the visit, including plans for and mechanisms of research engagement and mentorship

·  A research proposal (for visits of more than 30 days and written by the Westlake nominator) - (limit 2 single-spaced pages, 11-point font or larger)

·  A combined PDF document containing three additional reference letters

2)  Westlake Distinguished Fellows shall be nominated by the Westlake community including the Advisory Committee of the Program, the President, Deans of the three Schools, and the University Academic Committee. Direct applications and self-nominations are not accepted. The nomination materials are as follows:

·  The Nomination Form

·  A full CV of the nominee


Westlake University

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E-mail: WestlakeFellows@westlake.edu.cn

For more information about Westlake Fellows Program at Westlake University: https://westlakefellows.westlake.edu.cn/