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SLS Seminar Series| Yi Lin: Circadian clocks are modulated by compartmentalized oscillating translation
Life Sciences Master Forum | Volker Haucke: Lipid switches in cell physiology: From nutrient signals to disease / Fan Liu: Developing structural interactomics and its application in cell biology
64th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Francesco Pellicano: Complexity and imperfections in nonlinear vibrations of mechanical systems
Engineering Special Seminar | Shaodong Zhang: Symmetry breaking during self-assembly of organic-cage racemates
Chemistry Colloquium | Shuhua Li: Development and Application of Quantum Chemistry Methods in Complex Chemical Systems
SLS Seminar Series| Zhimin Lu: The Moonlighting Functions of Metabolic Enzymes
SLS Seminar Series| Yi Sun: SAG/RBX2-Cullin-RING ligase in human cancer: From target identification to drug discovery
Life Sciences Master Forum | Yan-Hui Xu: Neocortex Assembly and Operation
WeMeet #51 Event: Urban Renewal Led by Heritage Conservation and Inheritance
Engineering Special Seminar | Zhihong Zhang: Blur-Resistant Recording of Dynamic Scenes with Computational Imaging
Engineering Special Seminar | Guoxun Zhang: Self-supervised learning image enhancement for optical microscopy
Life Sciences Master Forum | James H. Hurley:Autophagy and Lysosomes: From Molecular Acrobatics to Neurodegeneration
CIS Lecture Series | AlphaFold 2 Meets Physics: A Novel Approach to Deciphering Protein Dynamics and Evolution
Chemistry Colloquium | Xiaoming Sun: Materials and Interface Engineering for Better Hydrogen Energy Applications
SLS Seminar Series| Bin Liang: Regulation of Lipid Droplet Growth in Health and Disease
Life Sciences Master Forum | Hong-bin Ji: Lung Cancer Phenotypic Plasticity and Drug Resistance
10th Distinguished Lecture丨Tropical trigonometry, caustics and continued fractions
19th Westlake Online Math Forum | Qizheng Yin: From the Beauville decomposition to the P = W conjecture
Engineering Special Seminar | Hao-Li Zhang: Organic Laser from Micro-structures
63th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Nanoscale Surface Analysis via Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
SYMPOSIUM 04 | Cancer Systems Biology
SLS Meet the Editor | Jie Wang: Science publishing - behind the scenes at Nature
SLS Seminar Series | Danqian Liu: Reactive Oxygen Species in Sleep Neurons Encode Sleep Drive in Mice
SLS Special Seminar | Lemaitre Bruno: Layers of immunity: Deconstructing the Drosophila effector response
Physics Colloquium | Shuiming Hu: Laser spectroscopy of computable many-body systems with 10-digit precision
18th Westlake Online Math Forum | Junyan Cao: On Extension of Twisted Canonical forms
9th Distinguished Lecture丨A Nonlinear Approach to Viscoelasticity via Rational Extended Thermodynamics
WeMeet 50# Event: Mr. Wang Jin, the Protagonist of Masters in the Forbidden City, Ticktacks You into the World of Ancient Clock Restoration
SLS Seminar Series | Kehkooi Kee:Multiomic analysis and in vitro differentiation of stem cells empower studies of human reproductive biology
Life Sciences Master Forum | Sheng Luan: Coding and decoding of calcium signals in plants and beyond
Engineering Special Seminar | Shirong Huang: Machine Learning-enabled 2D Nanomaterials-based Intelligent Gas Sensors
Engineering Special Seminar | Gianaurelio Cuniberti: Machine Learning for Molecular Sensing
CELLS | Domenico Zito: System-on-Chip Radio-Frequency Transceivers for Communication, Sensing, Imaging and Computing - from Wireless Revolution to Quantum Revolution
Engineering Special Seminar | Hailin Peng: High-Mobility 2D Materials: Scalable Preparation and Interfacial Modulation
Chemistry Colloquium | Mingfei Zhou: Chemical Bonding in Gas Phase Molecules and Clusters
Engineering Special Seminar | Man WONG: Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors: Technology and Their Applications to the Construction of Flexible Electronics and “Intelligent” Sensors
We Theater #18-2024 Major Trio Concert with Lu Siqing, Qin Liwei, and Sun Yingdi at Westlake University
SLS Seminar Series | Jinrong Peng: Ribosome Biogenesis Factors and Beyond
SLS Special Seminar | Junjun Ding: Phase Separation, Chromatin 3D Structure and Stem Cell Fate
62th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Nicholas Xuanlai Fang: Advanced Micro/Nano Manufacturing of Architectured Metamaterials
CIS Lecture Series | Representational learning in brain and artificial neural networks: Lessons from the olfactory system
Science Forum | Understanding Deep-Learning as a physicist: What would Einstein do?
CELLS | Milin Zhang: Low Power Wireless Biopotential Sensor Design
61th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yang Chai: Multidimensional Vision Sensors for Information Processing
Chemistry Colloquium | Total Syntheses of Natural Products with Bridged Ring Systems
Physics Seminar | Deciphering Topological Data of Higher-dimensional Topological Order Through Continuum Topological Field Theory
SLS Seminar Series | Li Tang:Revitalizing exhausted T Cells with IL-10: a journey from lab discovery to clinical application for enhanced cancer immunotherapy
60th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Mingjian Yuan: Perovskite Optoelectronic Conversion Materials and Devices
SYMPOSIUM 03 | Frontiers in Spatial Multi-omics
SLS Seminar Series | Pingtao Ding: From Structure to Evolution: Deciphering the Role of an Oxidoreductase in Systemic Acquired Resistance
Engineering Special Seminar | Xiangzhe Kong: Geometric Deep Learning in Molecular Science
Physics Seminar | Classification of Topological Crystalline States
5th Yungu Lectureship | Lihong Wang: Photoacoustic, Light-Speed, and Quantum Imaging
SLS Special Seminar | Misha Ahrens:Flexible Computation in Brain-Wide Zebrafish Circuits
Astronomy Seminar | Bridging Cosmos and Computation: Advancing Astronomical Discovery with Generative AI and Large Language Models
Physics Colloquium | Jun Zhang: Physics of Phonons in Semiconductors
Life Sciences Master Forum | Shawn Xu:How do we sense the world? Lessons from worms to mice
CIS Seminar | Universal aging dynamics and the compression of sickspan
SYMPOSIUM 02 | RNA Biology
Physics Seminar | Electrical transport properties and superconducting devices of quantum materials
51st Westlake Math Colloquium | Zhituo Wang: Phase Transitions in Quantum Many-body theory
Physics Seminar | Exploring unconventional superconductivity using scanning tunneling microscopy
Physics Seminar | Variational Monte Carlo Tensor Network Method: Advancing Solutions for Quantum Many-Body Problems
Engineering Special Seminar | Ting Tang: Water quantity and quality modeling embedded in Water-Food-Environment nexus and management
SLS Seminar Series | Hui Jiang: A PPTC7-SCFFBXL4 mitophagy sensing & repression pathway for mitochondrial mass control
59th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Pu Yu: Control the Correlated Electronic States in Complex Oxides Through Ionic Evolution
Physics Seminar | Resonant X-ray Scattering Study of Square-Planar Low-Valence Nickelates
Chemistry Seminar | Surface/interface Engineering in Secondary Batteries
Physics Seminar | Non-Hermitian Physics: Symmetry and Topology Beyond Hermitian Boundaries
Chemistry Colloquium | Wenjing Hong: Single-Molecule Electronics: from Instruments-driven to AI-driven Research
SLS Seminar Series | Di Yu: T cell help in humoral immunity: biology and application
Chemistry Seminar | The hierarchy of Davydov trial states: from guesswork to numerically "exact" many-body wave functions
Chemistry Colloquium | Prof. Xuhui Huang: Non-Markovian Dynamic Models for Studying Protein Conformational Changes
SYMPOSIUM 01 | Lineage Tracing and Cellular Barcoding
SLS Seminar Series | Guideng Li: T Cell Antigen Recognition and Differentiation
4th Yungu Lectureship | Jiawei Han: Mutual Enhancement between Large Language Modeling and Text Structuring
CELLS | Yiannos Manoli: A Fully Immersible Digital Deep-Brain Probe for Parallel Neural Recording
Engineering Special Seminar | Yan Zheng: The Story of Groundwater: Think Globally, Act Locally
Engineering Special Seminar | John Cherry: Why Groundwater is Important to the Future of Humanity
SLS Special Seminar | Chris Xu: Pushing the Limits of Multiphoton Imaging in Living Systems
Chemistry Seminar | The hierarchy of Davydov trial states: from guesswork to numerically "exact" many-body wave functions
Physics Seminar | Disorder operator on interacting Dirac system
SLS Seminar Series | Xiaoyu Shi: Lable-Retention Expansion Microscopy (LR-ExM) visualizes organelles and interactome with molecular resolution
234th Westlake Master Forum | John A. Rogers: Wireless, Skin-Like Interfaces for Full Body Haptic Experiences
CELLS | Hao Yu: Machine-learning Enhanced Biomedical Data Analytics for Point-of-care Diagnosis System
CELLS | Yuanning Li: Neural coding and Al models of human natural speech perception and production
Engineering Special Seminar | Nanyin Zhang: From neuron to behavior: investigating brain network function using multi-modal approach
Engineering Special Seminar | Kelvin Yeung: A new pathway on bone regeneration can be achieved by spatiotemporal delivery of divalent cations through Central Nerve System (CNS) – skeletal circuit
58th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Su-Huai Wei: Band-coupling-induced unusual material properties of Cu-based compounds
Engineering Special Seminar | Jing Yu: Liquid-liquid phase separation mediated self-assembly of bioinspired peptides
Engineering Special Seminar | Jing Du: Mechanical behaviors of biological and engineered composites
Engineering Special Seminar | Sheng Xu: Wearable ultrasound technology
CELLS | Xiaoguang Liu: Low-power and High-resolution Radar Systems for Human Activities and Vital Signs Monitoring
Engineering Special Seminar | Gang Li: Distraction Histogenesis: The Biological Insights and Novel Applications: from limb-lengthening, diabetic foot ulcers to Stroke and Alzheimer Disease managements
CELLS | Yiannos Manoli: A Fully Immersible Digital Deep-Brain Probe for Parallel Neural Recording
57th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jianmin Chen: New Nitrogen-Containing Organics Species in the Atmosphere
3rd Yungu Lectureship | Zhenan Bao: Skin-Inspired Organic Electronics
CELLS | Jiayi Zhang: Vision restoration and augmentation
Engineering Special Seminar | Huanyu Cheng: Standalone stretchable device platform for biomedicine
CELLS | Shui-Jing Tang: Microcavity-enhanced optical sensing, imaging and spectroscopy
Engineering Special Seminar | Jinyang Liang: Coded Optical Streaking for Real-time Ultrahigh-Speed Imaging
56th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Wenjun Zhang: How Natural products inspire us on metabolism synthetic biology and medicine
Engineering Special Seminar | Jinxing Li: Soft Materials as Brain Machine Interfaces
Engineering Special Seminar | Prof. Martina Stenzel, Prof. Guoping Chen & Dr. Michaela Muehlberg
Engineering Special Seminar | Torgeir Moan: Engineering for a Future Safe, Economical and Sustainable Use of the Oceans
55th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yan Li: Structure Controlled Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Engineering Special Seminar | Yuan Ma: Developing advanced human-machine mechanical interfaces
54th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Henk P. Haagsman: Reprogramming the innate immune system by cathelicidin-derived peptides
CELLS | Veronica Mankinen: Modeling Better Human Responses with Organ-Chips and Regulatory Insights
Engineering Special Seminar | Denis O'Carroll: From PFAS to the application of new in-situ remediation technologies in the field
Engineering Special Seminar | Matthias Barz: Polypept(o)ides: From novel materials to therapies & Lu Su:Supramolecular droplets: Understanding & potential biomedical applications
Engineering Special Seminar | Xiaoping Bao: Engineer CAR-neutrophils from human pluripotent stem cells for targeted chemoimmunotherapy against glioblastoma
Engineering Special Seminar | Puxiang Lai: Seeing clearly through scattering media via wavefront shaping and computing
CELLS | Zhao Zhang: Recent Research Progress on Low-Voltage Low-Power PLL Design
CELLS | Jian Yang: Citrate Chemistry and Biology for Regenerative Engineering
53rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Feng Ding: Theory Leads Materials Manufacturing
50th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Fulong Ning: Response behaviors of oceanic gas hydrate reservoirs during production: From fundamental to application
2nd Yungu Lectureship | Kazunori Kataoka: Engineered Nanosystems and Nanoconjugates with Smart Functionalities for Targeted Therapy of Intractable Diseases
238th Westlake Master Forum | My Thoughts on Mathematics
237th Westlake Master Forum | Tönu Pullerits: Photonic Processes in Metal Halide Perovskite Nanostructures, from 0D to 2D
Physics Seminar | Quantum fluctuation of ferroelectric order in polar metals
Chemistry Colloquium | Strain Catalysis: Materials, Theory, and Application Exploration
Physics Colloquium | Hongguang Duan: Coherent energy transfer in photosynthetic protein complexes studied by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy
Chemistry Colloquium | Haibo Ma: Quantum Chemical Investigations of Excited States in Complex Molecular Systems
Physics Colloquium | Tao Wu: Nematic charge density wave and charge stripe in kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5
Physics Seminar | Wei Li: Stripe Phase and Its Interactions with High-TC Superconductivity and Majorana Zero Mode
Physics Colloquium |Jian-Hua Jiang:Unveiling topological phenomena at defects
202nd Westlake Master Forum | Introduction to the Progress of Cold Atom Science Experiments on the Chinese Space Station
200th Westlake Master Forum | Hening Lin: Protein Acylation-deacylation Cycles in Cancer and Inflammation
SLS Seminar Series | Shuo Huang: Multi-scale Nanopore Analysis
SLS Seminar Series | Ninglong Xu: Neuronal and Circuit Computations for Flexible Decision-Making
SLS Seminar Series | Yong Lu: Adoptive cell therapy with tumor-specific Th9 cells induces viral mimicry to eliminate antigen-loss variant tumor cells
SLS Seminar Series | Zhongzhou Yang: Mitochondrial metabolism and function in heart development
SLS Seminar Series | Quanjiang Ji:Molecular mechanisms and engineering of miniature genome editors
SLS Seminar Series | Qiang Liu: Bone marrow granulopoiesis in CNS inflammation and autoimmunity
SLS Seminar Series | Mingxu Hu: CryoPROS: addressing preferred orientation in single-particle cryo-EM through AI-generated auxiliary particles
SLS Special Seminar | Ge Guo: Modelling early embryo lineage segregation using human naïve pluripotent stem cells
SYMPOSIUM 10 | Cancer Immunology
SLS Seminar Series | Di Chen: Functional genomics analysis of super longevity in C. elegans
Physics Colloquium | Exploration of new alloy and intermetallic superconductors
53rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Feng Ding: Theory Leads Materials Manufacturing
CELLS | Jian Yang: Citrate Chemistry and Biology for Regenerative Engineering
Physics Colloquium | Stable and Metastable Non-equilibrium Hyperuniform Fluids
193rd Westlake Master Forum | Xiaoliang Qi: Emergent geometry from generalized free fields
Engineering Special Seminar | Xinying Ren: Multiscale Design Principles for Stable and Robust Multicellular Communities
Distinguished Lecture丨​Partial Heights and the Geometric Bombieri-Lang Conjecture
Chemistry Colloquium | Yuxiang Weng: Quantum Effects in the Photosynthetic Process
Chemistry Colloquium | Zhipan Liu: AI-Driven Chemistry Exploration: Simulation, Database and Experiment
52th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jose E. Andrade: Adaptive Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems
189th Westlake Master Forum | Ultrafast Biological Dynamics for Protein Properties and Functions
51th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yan Chen: Progress in Origami Engineering
Engineering Special Seminar | Yaling Liu: Lab on a Chip Toward Precision Medicine, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Cell Sorting
188th Westlake Master Forum | High-precision Quantum Measurement and Quantum Control Based on Cold Atoms in Optical Lattice
Physics Seminar | Quantum many-body topology beyond pure states
Engineering Special Seminar | Martin Jaggi: Collaborative Learning and Long Context LLMs
Engineering Special Seminar | Martin Wainwright: Stochastic approximation: how to do it instance-optimally?
Chemistry Colloquium | Access Molecular Complexity by Breaking Symmetry of Active Methylene Compounds
Engineering Special Seminar | Xi Wang: Engineering Strategies to Improve Pancreatic β Cell Therapy
184th Westlake Master Forum | Wen-bin Lin: Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sustainability and Human Health
Engineering Special Seminar | Xiaohua Qin: Photoresponsive Hydrogels for 4D Bioengineering
Engineering Special Seminar | Xiaoping Bao: Engineer CAR-neutrophils from human pluripotent stem cells for targeted chemoimmunotherapy against glioblastoma
Engineering Special Seminar | Xinge Yu: Intelligent skin electronics for healthcare monitoring and XR
183rd Westlake Master Forum | Bing Xu: Intracellular Peptide Assemblies for Cancer Therapy
181st Westlake Master Forum | Haijun Jiao: Interplay between Theory and Experiment in Pincer Complexes Catalyzed Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation and Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Danfeng Li: ‘Unconventional’ Superconductivity in Infinite-Layer Nickelates
180th Westlake Master Forum | Yi Lu: Advancing Metallomics, Metabolomics, Glycomics and Pathogen Detections using Functional DNA Nanotechnology
CELLS | Zhao Zhang: Recent Research Progress on Low-Voltage Low-Power PLL Design
Physics Colloquium | Wen-Xin Tang: The applications of LEEM/SPLEEM for 2D materials
Engineering Special Seminar | Hanchen Wang: Deciphering Batch Effect in Single-Cell Biology with Concept Bottlenecks
Engineering Special Seminar | Puxiang Lai: Seeing clearly through scattering media via wavefront shaping and computing
176th Westlake Master Forum | Strategies and Tactics for the Rapid Synthesis of Molecular Complexity
173rd Westlake Master Forum | Leverage the Actinobacterial Strain Collection and Genome Database for Natural Products and Drug Discovery
Engineering Special Seminar | Donghui Zhu: Toward Better Bone Regeneration: Innovation in Metallic and Ceramic Scaffolds
48th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Zhongyun Fan: A Global Renaissance of Metallurgy: The Birth of Metallurgy 2.0
40th Westlake Math Colloquium | Ningchuan Zhang: Equivariant algebraic K-theory and special values of L-functions
Engineering Special Seminar | Vivek Goyal: Quantum-Inspired Computational Imaging
Physics Seminar | Electron-electron interaction driven exotic superconductivities on QCs
Engineering Special Seminar | Jiapeng Liu: Metal-Organic Frameworks Meet Uni-MOF: A Transformer-Based Gas Adsorption Detector
Engineering Special Seminar | Christian Sanders: Blue carbon systems as coastal filters
47th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jiming Bao: Driving Matters with Light
168th Westlake Master Forum | The Dilemma of Quantum Many-body Systems and Phase Transitions
Chemistry Colloquium | Feng Gai: Spectroscopic Study of Protein Structure and Dynamics
Physics Seminar | Variational Monte Carlo Tensor Network Method: Advancing Solutions for Quantum Many-Body Problems
10th Westlake Online Math Forum | Lei Fu: Hypergeometric systems on reductive groups
CELLS | Jerald Yoo: Wearable e-health: from electrodes to on-chip signal processing and powering
Connecting Great Minds | Best Practices and Enlightenment of Tenure System Among Most US Universities
46th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yong Zhang: Fractional calculus-based stochastic hydrology
56th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
163rd Westlake Master Forum | Study of Quantum Controls on the Topological System and Correlated Materials
Physics Colloquium | Single-molecule scale magnetic resonance with a diamond sensor
Engineering Special Seminar | Qingguo Li: Biomechanical Energy Harvesting: From Power Generation to Improving Walking Efficiency
55th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Chemistry Seminar | Range Separated Hybrid Functionals for Organic Semiconducting Materials
55th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Westlake Physics Frontier Symposium
45th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Giacomo Indiveri: Computing with the dynamics of spiking neural networks implemented using mixed-signal neuromorphic circuits
44th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jun Cheng: Theoretical and Computational Electrochemistry: From AIMD to AI2MD
54th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
SLS Special Seminar | Feilong Meng: Multiscale regulations of AID-initiated antibody gene diversification
SLS Seminar Series | Peng-Yuan Wang: Biomechanotransduction: Harnessing cell fate using defined biophysical cues
158th Westlake Master Forum | Overcoming Losses in Superlenses with Synthetic Waves of Complex Frequency
Physics Seminar | Biomaterials based immunotherapy strategies
Physics Colloquium | Sub-nm resolved single-molecule optical spectromicroscopy
SYMPOSIUM 09 | Single-Cell Genomics
Chemistry Seminar | Illuminating Nanomaterials and Biology: Photocatalysis and Bioimaging
SLS Seminar Series | Zhinan Yin: IL27: the past, present and the future
54th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
154th Westlake Master Forum | Design and Control of Novel Two-Dimensional Magnetic Materials
43rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Dongqiang Zhu: Molecular Structure/Size-dependent Adsorption and Transformation of Organic Contaminants
Engineering Special Seminar | Xudong Zhou: Global flood simulation and hazard assessment
Physics Seminar | Quantum Gates, Simulations and Interfaces with Rydberg Atoms
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Jing-Tao Lu: Theoretical Study on the Transport Properties of Single Molecular Junctions
52nd Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
52nd Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Gyu-Boong Jog: Quantum Simulation with Atoms and Lights for Scientific Discovery
Engineering Special Seminar | Prof. Francesco Ciucci: Analyzing Impedance Spectra with the Probabilistic Distribution of Relaxation Times
8th Westlake Online Math Forum | Guozhen Wang: Topological cyclic homology
42nd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Liwei Chen: Interface Chemistry in High Energy Density Batteries
CELLS | Pavlos Savvidis: Polariton Condensate Lattices: A Novel Quantum Simulator Platform
SLS Seminar Series | Tian Xue: Light and Life – Neuronal Mechanisms of Light Regulation of Life Processes
SLS Seminar Series | Chunbo Lou: Genetic Circuits Design: Programming Control System in Life
51st Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
SLS Seminar Series | Lei Dai: The ecology of host-associated microbiomes
SLS Special Seminar | Pengbo Cao: A Small RNA Regulates Bacterial Lifestyle During Human Infection
SLS Seminar Series | Lai Guan Ng: New Concepts for Good Old Neutrophils
SLS Special Seminar | Xiaoying Chen: Brain-Immune Communication in Health and Disease
149th Westlake Master Forum | Xiaoming FENG: The Development of Privileged Chiral N, N'-Dioxide Ligands and their Utility in Asymmetric Catalysis
SYMPOSIUM 08 | Mechanobiology: A New Perspective into Cellular Physiology, Development, and Diseases
Physics Colloquium | Yuanbo Zhang: The Expanding Flatlands - 2D Materials Beyond Graphene
Westlake Theoretical Chemistry Symposium
Physics Colloquium | Jian Liu: Recent Progress on Quantum Statistics and Dynamics Based on the Phase Space Formulation
SLS Special Seminar | Xiaojing Gao: Towards DNA-Free Synthetic Biology: Protein Circuits and RNA Sensors
The 12th Ray Wu Symposium & Ray Wu Prize Award Ceremony (2023)
51st Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Chemistry Colloquium | Sanzhong Luo: Bio-inspired Small Molecular Catalysis
Engineering Special Seminar | Dr. Cunjiang Yu: Soft Electronics to Seamlessly Integrate with Tissues and Organs
41st Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Kui Yu: Pathways of Formation of Colloidal Semiconductor Magic-Size Clusters and Quantum Dots
Physics Colloquium | Zhida Song: Kondo Phase in Twisted Bilayer Graphene - A Unified Theory for Distinct Experiments
Physics Colloquium | Lixin He: Ab initio tight binding model and its applications in materials science
40th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Hua Lu: Synthetic Polypeptides: From Simplified High-Throughput Synthesis to Diverse Biomedical Applications
Engineering Special Seminar | Xi Chen: Advancing Separation Technologies for Addressing Water-Energy-Environment Challenges
142nd Westlake Master Forum | Renbao Liu: What more can “Quantum” Sensing offer?
CELLS | Cheng Ma: Photoacoustic Computed Tomography: Technical Development and Biomedical Applications
141st Westlake Master Forum | Qi-Lin Zhou: Chiral Spiro Catalysts
CELLS | Patricia Desgreys: Design and integration of a flexible analog-to-feature converter for smart sensors
39th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Qiang Zhang: Emerging Energy Chemistry at Li Metal Anode and Electrolyte Interfaces
SLS Seminar Series | Bo Peng: Turnover and replacement: a philosophy of microglia
SLS Special Seminar | Yejing Ge: Chromatin Erosion Awakens Ancient Virions in the Adult Skin
SLS Seminar Series | Jean-Louis Reymond:Chemical Space for Peptide Design
38th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Gang Liu: Sociometabolic Analytics for Circular Economy and Carbon
SYMPOSIUM 07 | Imaging tissues, cells and molecules
SLS Special Seminar | Kai Huang:Chromatin as a Four-dimensional Microscopic Forest
SLS Seminar Series | Longjiang Yu: Diversity of core complexes in purple photosynthetic bacteria
SLS Special Seminar | Hanchuan Peng: Mapping Brain Anatomy and Networks at Single Cell Resolution
Chemistry Colloquium | Xing Chen: Deciphering the Glycocode by Chemical Biology Approaches
Math Seminar | Shenghao Sun: On algebraic stacks and the fixed-point formula
Chemistry Colloquium | Prof. Fuxiang Zhang: Solar Hydrogen Production via Overall Water Splitting of Powder Photocatalysts
Chemistry Colloquium | Prof. Bingjun Xu: Mechanistic Analysis of Cu-Catalyzed Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reaction
SLS Seminar Series | Pengcheng Bu: Metabolic regulation of colorectal carcinogenesis and metastasis
SLS Special Seminar | Xiaokun Shu:Illuminating Spatial Organization and Dynamics of Signaling in Living Systems
36th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Lian Lian: HAIMA ROVs and Their Applications
Chemistry Colloquium | Bin Tan: Axial Chirality Chemistry via Asymmetric Organocatalysis
48th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
48th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Shuai Dong: Magnetoelectricity: from Multiferroics to Alterferroics
Chemistry Colloquium | Peng Wu: Developing Next-Generation T-cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy using Chemical Biology Approaches
CELLS | Juan Hou: Versatile In Vitro Culture Solutions for Your Respiratory Research
47th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Artem Mishchenko: Physics of Graphite through van der Waals Technology
47th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Workshop on Geometry | In memory of our advisor Professor Weiyue Ding, 1945—2014
35th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Zhenghe Xu: Recent Advances and Challenges in Recycling of Spent Lithium-ion
CELLS | Yao-Hong Liu: Neuron-inspired wireless telemetry for implantable neural interfaces
SLS Seminar Series | Feng Rao:Glucose sensing by Cullin RING ligase as a tragetable vulnerability in overnutrition-associated cancer
SLS Seminar Series | Dubiel Wolfgang: Latent CSN-CRL complexes in DNA repair and adipogenesis
46th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE&AI&ER Session)
SYMPOSIUM 06 | Optogenetics
SLS Seminar Series | Sai Li: In situ assembly and membrane fusion of enveloped viruses
SLS Special Seminar | Liming Sun: When dying is not the end: Necroptosis trades for regeneration
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Binghai Yan: Topology and Topology-Induced Transport Properties in Quantum Materials
SLS Seminar Series | Tao Dong: How to decode a lethal weapon: functions of the type VI protein secretion system in microbe-host interaction
SYMPOSIUM 05 | New Insights into Host–Virus Interactions
Chemistry Colloquium | Donghui Quan: Modeling Studies of Interstellar Prebiotic Molecules
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Xiao Zheng: Open Quantum Systems: Theories and Applications
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Jian Wang: Quantum Griffiths Singularity and Anomalous Metallic State in Two-Dimensional Superconductors
SLS Special Seminar | Ge Bai: Stress granule and neurodegeneration
SLS Seminar Series | Dali Li: Genome editing and the applications in gene therapy
CELLS | Jingyun Li: Organoids model the heterogeneity of primary lung adenocarcinoma
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Kui Jin: Scaling of the strange-metal scattering in high-Tc superconductors
45th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
45th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Physics Colloquium | Prof.Junling Wang: Ferroelectricity (and Multiferroicity) going 2D
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Xiaoliang Qi: Quantum Information Measure of Space-Time Correlation
34th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Ping Chen: Hydrides for energy storage and chemical transformation
CELLS | Yan Lu: Design Examples of Wireless Power Transfer Circuits and Systems
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Xi Lin: Quantum Transport for Fractional Quantum Hall Edge Structure
44th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Chemistry Colloquium | Rui Cao: Fundamentals of Molecular Electrocatalytic Water Splitting and Oxygen Reduction
44th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
43rd Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
SLS Seminar Series | Qiang Guo: cryo-ET: structural study under cellular context
SLS Seminar Series | Hao Wu: Inflammasomes at the crossroads between basic science and therapeutic intervention
43rd Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
SYMPOSIUM 04 | Dynamic Molecular Systems
SLS Seminar Series | Eva Nogales:Structural Insights into the Regulation of the Gene Silencer PRC2
SLS Special Seminar | Ziyang Zhang:Chemical synthesis against ‘undruggable’ targets: from bacterial infection to cancer
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Hui Deng: Excitons and Polaritons in van der Waals Hetero-bilayers
SLS Seminar Series | Xiaoyu Hu: Regulation of macrophage-mediated inflammatory responses
SLS Special Seminar | Jun Wang: Probing Novel Immune Evasion Mechanisms for Immunotherapy of Cancer and Beyond
Physics Seminar | Ran Ni: Non-Equilibrium Strongly Hyperuniform Fluids with Large Local Density Fluctuations - Towards Perfect Photonic Fluids
Physics Colloquium | Zhenyu Wang: Imaging Topological Superconductivity and Possible Majorana Modes with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Chemistry Colloquium | Zhi-Xiang Yu: Development and Application of Ring Formation Reactions
SLS Seminar Series | Zhucheng Chen:Mechanism of chromatin remodeling
SLS Special Seminar | Fei Sun:Organ-level communication during tissue regeneration in zebrafish
42nd Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Physics Colloquium | Huiqiu Yuan: Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions
42nd Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
CELLS | Thuan Beng SAW: Role of Electric Potential in Non-Excitable Tissues
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Daniele Sanvitto: Quantum Fluids of Interacting Photons
Chemistry Colloquium | Wanbin Zhang: The Development of Novel Chiral Catalysts and Their Application
CELLS | Changliang Liu: Decoding Dopamine Signaling in the Brain
33rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Mingming Cheng: Granularity Adaptive Image Scene Understanding
Chemistry Colloquium | Hui Ming Ge: Cyclization and Oxidation in the Biosynthesis of Polyketides
32nd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yadong Yin: Designing Plasmonic Nanostructures for Smart Materials
Chemistry Seminar ∣"Functional Groups Dance"-Rearrangement Reactions of Free Radicals
41st Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
31st Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Qian Chen: “Cinematography” of soft, biological, and energy matter at the nanoscale
SLS Special Seminar | Ka-Ming Chan: Necroptosis in physiology and diseases
SYMPOSIUM 03 | Protein engineering
41st Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
SYMPOSIUM 02 | Biomolecular Condensates
SLS Special Seminar | Daqian Xu: Voting with "feet"--------Reemployment of laid-off workers in tumor metabolic network
SLS Special Seminar | Rui Fang: The Role of Protein Quality Control Systems in the Clearance of Protein Aggregates
Physics Colloquium | Jian-Qiang You: From Josephson Effect Towards Superconducting Quantum Computing
SLS Seminar Series | Huanhu Zhu: The Story of A Unique Fatty Acid—— How does mmBCFA Shape Our development?
SLS Seminar Series | Pengxu Qian: Ribosomal RNA modification in stem cells and diseases
Chemistry Colloquium | Xiaogang Peng: Colloidal Quantum Dots-- Correlation of Photophysics and Photochemistry
Chemistry Colloquium | Prof. Zhujun Yao: The chemistry and chemical biology of azaphilonoids
Physics Colloquium | Xian-Gang Wan: Novel Superconductivity Induced by Electron-Phonon Interaction
SLS Special Seminar | Chen Weng: Deciphering cell states and genealogies of human hematopoiesis with single-cell multi-omics
30th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yue Qi: When ions meet electrons Modeling the interfaces in Solid-State Batteries
Chemistry Colloquium | Aiwen Lei:Oxidative Cross-Coupling with Hydrogen Evolution
29th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Lixin Zhang: Revolutionize Fermentation Industry through Intelligent Biomanufacturing TM
40th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Physics Colloquium | Zhongyi Lu: The electronic structure calculations of strongly correlated materials
Chemistry Colloquium | Gong Chen: Exploring the New Chemical Space of Peptide Macrocycles
40th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
39th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session)
Chemistry Colloquium | Xumu Zhang: Application of Multidentate Chiral Ligands in Highly Efficient Asymmetric Hydrogenation
39th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session)
Physics Colloquium | Su-huai Wei: First-principles Design of Functional Materials for Energy Applications
38th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session) | Bing Luo: Biologically Inspired Morphing Pectoral Propulsors with Rowing and Flapping Motions for a Stroke Plane Angel
38th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session) | Zi’an Ning: AirSim: A Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles with Powerful Visual Rendering Engine
SLS Seminar Series | Huili Hu: Adult stem cell and organoids
SYMPOSIUM 01 | Gene Editing
SLS Seminar Series | Lijun Zhou: Exploring origin of life with non-natural nucleic acid and artificial cells
38th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session) | Ruosi Liang: East Asian Methane Emissions Inferred from High-resolution Inversions of GOSAT and TROPOMI Observations
SLS Seminar Series | Yan Li: Placing the last piece of puzzle to human immune system mice
SLS Seminar Series | Hao Yin:Gene editing and gene therapy
Chemistry Colloquium | Zhan-Ting Li: Exploration on Drug Antagonism by Means of Supramolecular Chemistry
SLS Seminar Series | Jian Peng: High-resolution de novo structure prediction from primary sequence alone
SLS Seminar Series | Shouhong Guang: The biogenesis, function and mechanism of small regulatory RNAs in C. elegans
Chemistry Colloquium | Prof. Shuangyin Wang: Electrocatalytic Conversion of Organic Molecules
Mathematics Seminar ∣Lei Song: Inner Projection and Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity of Structure Sheaves
Physics Seminar | Haitan Xu: Topological and Nonreciprocal Dynamics in Optomechanics
SLS Special Seminar Series | Chuan Wu: Intestinal immune-neuron crosstalk regulates systemic physiology
SLS Seminar Series | Fengrao: Inositol polyphosphate metabolites in metabolic signaling and diseases
38th Doctoral Student Seminar (MSE&EE Session) | Ziqian Zhou: Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide on Copper-based Catalyst
Condensed Matter Physics Workshop∣Symmetry, Topology, Correlation and Dynamics in Quantum Matter
37th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session) | Yanmei Tian: Hydrodynamics of the Acropora Coral Skeleton Structure
37th Doctoral Student Seminar (AI&ER Session) | Xuefeng Bai: Semantic Representation for Dialogue Modeling
Chemistry Colloquium | Yu Liu: Supramolecular Controllable Assembly and Biological Functions
Chemistry Colloquium | Qiang Shi: Quantum Dynamics in Condensed Phase
28th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Zhiguo He: Progress in Density Currents
27th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xiaohua Wang: Human Impact on Coasts: What has Gone Right and Wrong
Physics Colloquium | Lan Wang: Protonic gated 2D Materials and van der Waals heterostructures
26th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Feng Xu: Cellulose Dissolving in Green Solvent and Preparation of Functional Materials
Chemistry Colloquium | Hongbin Zhai: Total Synthesis of Natural Products
25th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Kai Zhang: Osteoinductive Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK)
24th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) |Guangming Xie: Intelligent Biomimetic Robotic Fish
SLS Special Seminar Series | Haifeng Wang: CRISPR tools for studying the three-dimensional genome in living cells
SLS Seminar Series | Haiyan Liu: The SCUBA and ABACUS data-driven models for de novo protein design
SLS Seminar Series | Catherine C.L. WONG: Frontier Omics Technology Advances the Development of Biological and Medical Research
SLS Seminar Series | Feng-Sen Ma: Delivery of biomolecules by micro-nano systems:crowding effects and CMC
Webinar 10 | Maps in the brain - Systems and computational neuroscience
Webinar 08 | Stem cell and organoids: modelling human diseases and development
Webinar 09 | Protein Design and Synthetic Biology
23rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xinran Wang: 2D Semiconductors for Future Electronics
Chemistry Colloquium | Shuli You: Catalytic Asymmetric Dearomatization (CADA) Reactions
Physics Seminar ∣ Yu-Jie Sun:New Chiral Fermion in Chiral Crystals
Chemistry Colloquium∣Cheng Luo: Medicinal chemical biology research of drugs of new targets and mechanisms: from target-based drug discovery to drug-based target discovery
Chemistry Colloquium∣Jian Pei: The Recent Development of Organic Semiconducting Materials
Webinar 07 | Epigenetics in development, disease and aging
SLS Seminar Series | Jacques Prost:Physical approach to tissue spheroids and epithelia
22nd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Haiwen Li: Perspectives of Hydrogen Energy and Hydrides for Energy Applications
Chemistry Colloquium∣Xin-Yuan Liu: Chiral Anion/Cu-Catalyzed Radical Asymmetric Reactions
21st Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xuxiang Zhang: Reduction of Health Risks by Different Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Engineering Special Seminar | Minshen Zhu: Tiny Robots and Sensors Need Tiny Batteries
Chemistry Colloquium∣Lin Zhuang: Science and Technology of Carbon Dioxide Electrolysis Conversion
Physics Colloquium | Hongjun Xiang: Property analysis and simulation package for materials (PASP) and its applications
20th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xutang Tao: •Study on the Growth Method and Mechanism of Organic and Hybrid Perovskite Crystals
19th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yuan Liu: Van Der Waals Integration for High-Performance Two-Dimensional Electronics
Chemistry Colloquium∣Xianfeng Li:Research Progress on Flow Battery Energy Storage Technology
18th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Tieyan Liu: Pushing the boundaries of natural science with artificial intelligence
Physics Colloquium | Prof. Lei Wang:Neural Canonical Transformations
17th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Guanghui Ma: Production of Uniform Particles and Their Applications in Vaccine Engineering
1st Yungu Lectureship | John A. Rogers: Bioelectronics - Engineering Science at the Interface with Biology and Medicine
Webinar 06 | Brain Ecosystem and Neurodegeneration
SLS Seminar Series | Shimin Zhao: The Generation and Transmission of Metabolites Signals
SLS Seminar Series | Chenli Liu: Quantitative Engineering Biology: Build-to-learn-to-build
Webinar 05 | Cancer Immunology: from basic science to clinical applications
Webinar 04 | Metabolic Regulation of Immune Cell Development and Function
SLS Seminar Series | Xiaolei Su:Membrane, phase separation and immune signaling
SLS Seminar Series | Huaqiang Eric Xu:Hormone Receptors:From Structures to Clinical Drug Candidates
Chemistry Colloquium | Huaping Xu: Dynamic Responsive Chemistry of Selenium-containing Polymers
16th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Dawei Di: Next-Generation Organic and Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes
School of Life Sciences Special Seminar | Yong Yang: Skin ion channel disease: from targets, mechanisms to drug discovery
SLS Seminar Series | Pengcheng Bu: Colorectal Cancer Heterogeneity and Metabolism-driven Metastasis
Physics Seminar | Wei Wang: Physical Characters and Dynamics of Protein Molecular Systems
Chemistry Colloquium∣Chaozhong Li:Radical Fluorination and Trifluoromethylation
Physics Colloquium | Yuefeng Nie: Freestanding perovskite oxides – a new playground for emergent 2D correlated phases
Engineering Special Seminar | Yu Han: Electron Microscopy Imaging of Electron Beam-Sensitive Materials
Physics Colloquium | Aldo Di Carlo: Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics with Two-Dimensional Materials: from Graphene to MXenes for Cells, Modules and Solar Farms
15th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Nicola H. Perry: Tailoring and Leveraging Chemo-Mechanical Coupling of Perovskite Oxides for Energy Conversion and Storage
Physics Seminar | Xi Dai: Quantum Anomalous Vortex and Majorana Zero Mode in Fe1+y(Te1-xSex) Superconductors
14th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xiaoyong Hu: Photonic Devices and Chips for Computing Applications
13th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jun Wang: Nano-adaptor for Antibody Delivery
Physics Colloquium | Chen Fang: Universal Non-Hermitian Effect in Two and Higher Dimensions
Research Seminar Series | Mahdi Tarkhan: Mixed-signal Circuit Interfaces Intended for Biosensing Applications
Physics Colloquium | Chungang Duan: Ferroelectric Brain—a road to the Future
12th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yan Yu: Nanoscale Biophysics of the Innate Immune System
Physics Seminar∣Dr. Ivan A. Shelykh:Aspects of strong light- matter coupling in carbon and organic nanostructures
Engineering Special Seminar | Qian Yang: Mass transport through atomic-scale capillaries
Engineering Special Seminar | Wei Hong: Chemically Identical Hydrogels
SLS Seminar Series | Xiaofei Yu: Dissecting the behavior-modifying role of T cells in response to stress
Webinar 03 | Metabolic Plasticity in Cancer
SLS Seminar Series | Lingfei Luo:Celluar and Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Vasuclar Regeneration
School of Life Sciences Special Seminar | Wenxin Wang:Non-viral Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
SLS Seminar Series | Maria Pia Cosma:Seeing and modelling 3D genome organization in somatic and stem cells
SLS Seminar Series | Bo Peng: Repopulation and replacement: a tail of two microglia
SLS Special Seminar | Maofu Liao: Mechanism of substrate translocation driven by ABC transporters
Mathematics Seminar | Seminar on algebraic geometry and ramification
Engineering Special Seminar | Xianwen Mao: Understanding electrochemical interfaces: insights from soft materials design and operando functional imaging
School of Life Sciences Special Seminar | Hang Hubert YIN :Targeting Membrane Protein Interactions
SLS Seminar Series | Wenwen Zeng: Connecting the brain and periphery: Neural control of lipid metabolism and neural-immune response
Physics Colloquium | Bent Weber: Proximity-Induced Superconductivity in Epitaxial Quantum Spin Hall Heterostructures
Physics Colloquium | David Petrosyan:Simulating Few- and Many-Body Physics with Rydberg Atoms in a Lattice
Physics Seminar | Ventsislav K. Valev:Nanophotonics Around the Clock for New Chiral Optical Effects and Quantum Optical Applications
Engineering Special Seminar | Haobin Wu: Electrochemical energy storage and catalytic materials towards carbon neutrality
Physics Seminar | Yangmu Li:Electron Correlations in Topological Quantum Crystals for Future Applications
Women in Engineering | Danqi Chen: Thinking Beyond Large Language Models
Physics Colloquium | Pu Yu:Electric Field Control of Ionic Evolution within Complex Oxides
Engineering Special Seminar | Ling Li: Natural structural materials: Lessons on toughening mechanisms, weight reduction, and multifunctionality
Research Seminar Series ⑧ | The Rhythm of Groundwater Surface Water Interactions in Hyporheic Zone - Field Observations and Numerical Simulations
Chemistry Colloquium | Tierui Zhang: Layered Double Hydroxide-based Nanomaterials for Photocatalytic Synthesis of Solar Fuels and High Value-Added Chemicals
11th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Jing Kong: Synthesis and applications for low dimensional materials and structures
Chemistry Colloquium | Shengying Li: Biosynthesis of mycophenolic acid and brevianamide A in Penicillium brevicompactum
10th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Bo Wang: Surfing a signaling wave for whole-body regeneration
Physics Seminar | Jiaxin Yin:Tunneling into emergent topological matter
9th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Yoshihide Wada: Towards integrated solutions for water, food and energy using a system science approach
8th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Xiaodong Chen: Artificial Sense Technology
SLS Special Seminar | Ren Sun:Define virus-host interactions at single amino acid resolution and at genomic scale
SLS Seminar Series | Zhenyu Zhong :Inflammation and Chronic Liver Diseases
SLS Seminar Series | Xiaobin Dou: The Role of SIRT3 in Alcoholic Liver Disease
SLS Special Seminar | Hongtao Liu: Blue light and UV-B light signal transduction
SLS Special Seminar | Yulong Li: Spying on neuromodulation by constructing new genetically-encoded fluorescent sensors
SLS Special Seminar | Fan Liu: Developing structural interactomics and its application in cell biology
SLS Seminar Series | Xia Shen: GWAS summary statistics: a powerful resource for biomedical research
Physics Colloquium | Young-Woo Son:On Roles of Computational Materials Physics
7th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Guoqiang Shen: Selected Topics on Buildings, Cities, and Transportation
SLS Seminar Series | Baoliang Song:Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis by diets
SLS Special Seminar | | Jianzhu Ma: Interpreting genetic variants using network models of a cell
Chemistry Colloquium | Junqiu Liu: Protein Assembly and Biomimetic Design
Chemistry Colloquium | Yanyi Huang: Highly Accurate Assessments of Nucleic Acids
Physics Colloquium | Yulin Chen:Visualize and Control Electronic Structures of Topological Quantum Materials
6th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Ruikang Tang: Inorganic Ionic Polymerization and Materials Preparation
Physics Colloquium | Pavel Belov:Spatial dispersion in metamaterials
5th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Lingpeng Kong: Linear Complexity Attention Mechanisms
Physics Seminar | Zhiyuan Sun:Order parameter steering of symmetry breaking phases
4th Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS)| Xuegong Yu: Defect Control of Cast Monocrystalline Silicon and Its Application
3rd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Tiefeng Li: Soft Robot in the Mariana Trench: Mechanics and System Design
Chemistry Colloquium |Ning Jiao: Highly Efficient Nitrogenation Reactions
2nd Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Hanming Wu: The Integration of Industry and Education Supports the Interdisciplinary Achievements
Physics Colloquium | Pavlos Lagoudakis: Polariton Simulators: A Newcomer to Problem-Specific Solvers
1st Westlake Engineering Lecture Series (WELS) | Tao Xie: Dynamic Covalent Polymer Networks: New Opportunities with Old Chemistry
Chemistry Colloquium |Guosheng Liu: Copper-Catalyzed Radical Relay for the Precise sp3 C-H Bond Functionalizations
Engineering Special Seminar: Controlling Electromagnetic Fields for Energy Applications
Westlake University-IET Prestige Lecture | Sustainable Agriculture in the 21st Century
SLS Seminar Series | Jin Jin:The Metabolic Disorder of T Cells Leads to Neurological and Inflammatory Diseases
SLS Seminar Series | Yu Mu: Astrocytes modulate behavioral states in zebrafish
SLS Seminar Series | Xiao-jing Wang:Computational neuroscience: a frontier of the 21st century
SLS Seminar Series | Lilin Ye:CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion in Chronic Viral Infection and Cancer
SLS Special Seminar | Luonan Chen:Network biomarker for quantifying regular state of biological systems, and dynamic network biomarker for quantifying critical state of biological systems
SLS Seminar Series | Quan Zhou:Lipidomic Reprogramming of Macrophages: How and Why?
SLS Special Seminar | Kang Zhang:Translating big data, AI and drug discovery into better healthcare delivery and therapies
Physics Seminar | Zengyi Du:Spectroscopic Imaging-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study on High Tc Superconductors
98th Westlake Master Forum | David Y. H. Pui: Green Technologies for Sustainable Environment
Biomedical Seminar Lugui Qiu:Translational medicine research on multiple myeloma in China
SSTolute Sransport in a Deformable Porous Medium: Processes and Modelling
【Physics seminar】Effect of Defects in Superconducting Phases of Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Chemistry Colloquium | Guangjun Nie: Biomolecule-based Nanostructures for Tumor Microenvironment Targeting and Regulation
Physics Colloquium | Jochen Mannhart: Nonunitary Quantum Devices – Electronics at the Edge of the Quantum World –
77th Westlake Master Forum | Jeffrey J. McDonnell: Compartmentalization of the Terrestrial Water Cycle
【Physics seminar】The Disorder Effect in 2D Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling Electron Gas
101st Westlake Master Forum | Chihaya Adachi:Stable Blue Hyperfluorescence Organic Light-emitting Diodes with High-efficiency and Narrow Emission
SSTolute Sransport in a Deformable Porous Medium: Processes and Modelling
G Q Max Lu:Accelerating Innovation in Nanomaterials through Partnerships
87th Westlake Master Forum | Quan Li:Stimuli-Directing Liquid Crystalline Nanostructures: From Tunable Photonics to Renewable Energy
Colloquium on Mathematical Physics
86th Westlake Master Forum | Fei CHAI:Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in a Changing World
Deformable Porous Medium: Processes and Modelling
89th Westlake Master Forum | Yalin Lu:Terahertz technology and quantum functional materials
Physics Colloquium | Yuji Matsuda: Half-Integer Quantized Thermal Hall Effect in the Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquid
85th Westlake Master Forum | Weiping LIU:Enantioselectivity in Environmental Process and Toxicology of Chiral Contaminants
82nd Master Forum | Chunmiao Zheng:Fifty Years of Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling
SLS Special Seminar | Zhiwei Huang: Structural insights into the T cell receptor activation
SLS Seminar Series | Jun Huang: Replication Stress and Chromosomal Instability
TTTolute Sransport in a Deformable Porous Medium: Processes and Modelling
Deformable Porous Medium: Processes and Modelling
Biomedical Seminar | Lijian Hui:Cell Plasticity and Liver Regeneration
SLS Seminar Series | Transplantation of human cerebral organoids establish region-specific projections in the adult mouse brain
SLS Seminar Series | Zhen Gu: Bioresponsive Drug Delivery
【Physics seminar】Recent developments of quantum simulations in superconducting qubits