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Four teams of WIAS applied for incentive schemes

06, 2016

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The research teams led by Professor Yigong Shi, Professor Yi Rao, Professor Jianwei Pan and Professor Shiyi Chen at WIAS have recently applied for support from talent schemes including “Zhejiang Province’s Leading Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team” and “Hangzhou Top Talents and Major Team Projects”, respectively in areas including biology, basic medical sciences, natural sciences and advanced technology.  

Zhejiang Province’s Leading Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team scheme aims to attract and foster top talents, improve independent innovation capabilities and enhance core competence, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. The leading teams under such category are expected to have top scientific talents as core members with solid teamwork as the foundation. The other incentive program, Hangzhou Top Talents and Major Team Projects scheme is dedicated to assist top talents and their teams to smoothly apply their skills and capabilities to the development of economy and society. Through successful application processes under these above two incentive schemes, leading innovative teams will be eligible for and enjoy generous incentives ranging from funding allocation and policy support.

With a forward-looking global perspective, WIAS invites top talents and experts at home and abroad to form the four founding institutes: Institute for Biology, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, Institute for Natural Sciences and Institute for Advanced Technology, and carry out doctoral researches in the above four areas. The initial formation of four institutes is expected to become the academic foundation and research basis for the future Westlake University. Following the principle of “Top talents, top disciplines, top achievements”, the four institutes of WIAS are devoted to nurturing top scientists who can contribute at various leading roles in science and technology, both in China and on the world stage.